Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday List

Thank you for all the fabulous anniversary wishes! I partied in style by going to Bible study and crawling into bed by 9:30. It was a wild night, my friends.

So it is Sunday evening and I realized that I have a few tidbits to share with you. I believe a list is in order:

1. Lists and kettle corn are my love language.

2. It is supposed to be a high of 1 on Tuesday. How are humans supposed to survive that? I may just wear my down comforter to work.

3. I searched cake recipes all weekend just so I could find the perfect anniversary dessert. And I have chosen to make a Hummingbird Cake! It looks amazing! Have you ever heard of it? Ever tasted it? All I know is that it has cream cheese frosting, so you know, SOLD.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and give you my recipe.

4. I made lentil soup for dinner tonight and it was so darn good. I highly recommend you make some this week, especially since you will need something to keep you warm as we brace for the Cold Front from the Frozen Arctic Depths of Frigidity.

5. I saw True Grit this weekend and would recommend this movie to EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET. I loved it. That little girl is A-mazing. Seriously, who taught her to act like that at 13? She must have watched one of my drama performances from middle school or something.

Actually, it is a great movie and completely entertaining and funny and heroic and suspenseful. The only bad part: snakes. They made me squirm and gag and I almost slid out of my chair. All I can say is that I am glad that movie wasn't in 3-D otherwise I would be in a padded room somewhere sucking my thumb.

6. My dad drove all the way to my apartment just to carry my grocery bags up the steps. They were so heavy and since I have two bum shoulders, he came to help. He is my hero. Time and again, he is my hero.

7. Speaking of shoulders, I finally went to the doctor and guess what she discovered: I have tendinitis in both shoulders so she prescribed two massages a month.

She is my favorite doctor ever.

8. My BBC show starts in 30 seconds. Brilliant! Let's hope the main girl has a new hair style otherwise I may be forced to write them another letter.

9. I love Isaiah 40. It is food for my soul. It can be food for your soul too.

10. I am pretty sure it is time to buy a new pair of heels. Wait, no, I am COMPLETELY sure it is time to buy a new pair of heels. Any thoughts on what color?

The FC


  1. I think you would look fantastic in a nice pair of royal purple peep toe heels. : )

  2. I thought I should tell you that I have adopted your peanut butter gooey bars as my own and make a batch whenever I can invent a reason to make them. Thankfully, my sister's birthday was this past week and we visited and brought this wonderful chocolatey concoction. It was blissful. Thank you, Sarah!

    On another note, we are forcasted for the Arctic Blast as well, and I feel the need to grouch a little at the lack of moisture we have gotten this winter. Zero precip, my friend. I don't need a blizzard, just a few inches every now and then. It's like there is a giant dome covering Ellis county so all the snow or rain just goes right past and then dumps on OKC or anywhere east of here. If it's gonna get that cold, I need to see some serious snow. (You know... poop or get off the pot - basically)

    BTW I'm sure there is a nicer analogy....sorry :-O

    Oh, yeah, and um, what was your doctor's name??? I could use a couple full body massages a month.... ;-)

  3. Could I borrow your down comforter to wear to work? I kicked off my heels and put my Uggs back on. Oh yeah...stylin'.

    - the Seester.

  4. You must, must, must buy some heels. I can't. I can finally wear matching shoes, but the doctor things tie and flat are the two major adjectives that should be used for my shoes. So, buy heels to keep them making them to make up for me.

    Hooray Dad!!!!

    2 massages a month?!?! I want your doctor to give me a prescription!