Tuesday, February 15, 2011


On Thursday, my Women's Group celebrated our eighth anniversary.

CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT? (You probably can believe it, but just go with it.)

I can't. Not at all.

I feel like it was just yesterday when we had our first Christmas PJ exchange.

Or when some of us we went on a cruise to the Bahamas.

Or when we made t-shirts to commemorate years 3 and 7.

Or when we took classes in candle-making, cake-decorating and self-defense.

Or when Heather had her first kiddo.

Or when Abby had her first kiddo.

Or when Rachel had her first kiddo.

Even in this past year we have added a baby girl, celebrated a marriage, started a business, traveled to far away lands, traveled to not-so-far away lands, began a new job, lost family members, gained family members and had our first-ever WG photo shoot.

It is just hard to believe.

So in honor of this milestone, we went out to eat.


And we took pictures.

And we talked.

It's what we do. And after eight years, we are almost proficient at all of them.


  1. I especially love the "out take" pics! Funny!

  2. Wow, I look amazing in that first picture. My hand looks super scary. Great post and I loooove your new background!!! It makes me feel care free and ready for summer. It reminds me of Oklahoma for some reason.

  3. What an amazing blessing to be part of a group like this!