Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Known Facts

Because it is Wednesday...

And because I am car-lagged and full of Velveeta...

And because my email inbox is so overwhelming I may leave work and go back to bed...

I am making a list of little known facts about me. Stand back, peeps, and try not to be overwhelmed.

1. I hate hominy. I am not sure I even know what it is but it is detestable.

2. Bleachers scare me, especially the ones that fold up against the gymnasium wall. Just thinking about walking down them makes me want curl up into the fetal position. I am hoping this is a real phobia otherwise it makes me sound like a freak.

3. Aqua Di Gio is my favorite cologne. Everytime I smell it in the mall, I immediately turn and walk towards it. Sometimes I just stand there, sniffing. Is that weird?

4. I have always wanted four children. This started when I was six and my darling cousin Lori told me she wanted four kids (which she has today). And everything Lori said was like pure gold to me. So four has always been my goal.

5. The older I get, the more introverted I am becoming. This will come as a shock to anyone who knew me during my musical theater days in high school or saw me perform in family talent shows circa 2001.

6. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I am pretty sure it has something to do with homemade ice cream.

7. I am not a huge fan of going to concerts. Although the two *NSYNC concerts I attended in my late teens were spectacular.

8. I bite my nails. And I am 31. This is not good.

9. I don't like horror movies. And I don't like movies that make me sad. My favorite are action/adventure movies. That is probably why The Goonies is my favorite movie.

10. The Goonies is my favorite movie, followed closely by Braveheart, Pride and Prejudice and Strictly Ballroom.

11. I am not a huge fan of in the condiment. Salsa dancing on the other hand, is what I live for.

12. I have been to 22 countries but have yet to visit New York City, Seattle or Chicago. This must be remedied. Immediately.

Okay, there you have it. That's as cerebral as it gets today. Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. I love Pride & Prejudice! And your sister, one of my favorite roomies, got me hooked on Strictly Ballroom. Tell her hello for me. And though I risk being disowned by my NM side of the family, I agree about the hominy. It is disgusting. Don't ever try it.

  2. Happy Wednesday to you, too! I love your list. Ii hate horror movies, too---though a tiny little suspense is acceptable. I find myself a little (teensy tiny little) more extroverted as I get older. At least I act like it.

  3. Omg I love Aqua di Gio as well. Oooo a wonderful sensory memory is tied to that and Woods from A&F! :)

  4. Oh, we're going to NYC! Just you wait! And it's going to be fantastic! You will love it.

  5. I didn't know some of these, and I am your seester! :) Good to know, Sarah Dell. Hoping you get some sleep soon.


    The Seester