Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness - #19

I am thankful for my passport.

I know it is weird to be thankful for a little booklet of paper, but my livelihood depends on it. Shoot, my entire college and graduate education is based upon it. And because of that, I know Sallie Mae is also extremely grateful.

A passport is your ticket to anywhere in the world (minus Cuba) and it becomes your identity, your lifeline and your security blanket while you are traveling. People have been known to shower with it, sleep with it and even wear fanny packs to protect it. Did you get that? FANNY. PACKS.

My passport has allowed me to sleep in huts, tents, hostels, hotels, houses, apartments, trains, planes, automobiles and one very long night on a trash heap in Nicaragua.

It has introduced me to Cuban rice pudding, water buffalo, french fries with lamb kabobs, Guinness, tapas and dulce de leche.

And it always reminds me of where I am from and how often I love to return home.

Even though I have been to a handful of places, there are approximately 169 countries that I still want to visit. So how about you? Where have you been? Where would you like to go? Do you wear a fanny pack?

Wait, don't tell me the last one.


  1. A passport is a very important thing indeed! Where would I be without mine? Oh. Right here. Right here without the possibility of being elsewhere. Perhaps that's part of the joy of a passport---it holds so many possibilities. I hope we get to use ours together again.

  2. My passport sadly had more stamps in it when the picture in the fron was a toothless first grader, but with our Sarah having her own since she was three months old we have high hopes for global travel. Next stop...Mexico in the spring. Of all the places I have been, I have not been to meet our southern neighbors. And my aunt has a house there : )