Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness - #3

I am thankful for the view I have out of my window.

By some weird twist of fate and circumstances that happened long before I arrived, I have the corner office at work. It is large and comfortable, with a huge window facing south and one facing west. Apparently they award people for being the youngest and least-experienced in my office.

So every morning when I arrive, I open the shades and this is what greets me:

Seriously. It is spectacular.

It's like God is saying; "Good morning, Sarah. I made this just for you." Well that was nice of Him.

However, I am sure if you wanted to pull up a chair in my office and just sit awhile, He wouldn't mind you enjoying it either.

Just don't stay too long, otherwise you will have to work. Or make a Starbucks run for the entire office. Or buy us chocolate. Or make a donation. I don't want you to jeopardize my corner office privileges.


  1. I want to come sit! And I'll bring Starbucks on my way in!

  2. I would love it Kelly! Come by anytime. :)

  3. Maybe I'll have to stop by when the madness down the street subsides.

    I'm thankful I have a window, I just miss the view from my old window.