Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness - #10

I am thankful for television.

That's right, I said it.

And currently on my Hulu/ghetto TV without cable line-up:
  • Castle - That's for you, Kel!
  • Modern Family - You were right Sara: so stinkin' funny!
  • Lie to Me - Such a fascinating show.
  • The Office - I am loving this season and I really don't want Michael to leave.
  • Community - My college experience was pretty much the opposite of this.
  • 30 Rock - Liz Lemon makes me feel less awkward...and that's saying something.
  • Vampire Diaries - I am officially hooked. It's awesome. And they don't sparkle.
  • Chuck - Duh.
And if I had cable, I would watch Dog The Bounty Hunter and the Food Network all day long.


  1. Yea! Glad to have another Modern Fam lover!! I'm lovin this season of the Office as well. And I'm a huge fan of Tina Fey...she's a hoot!

  2. Dog the Bounty Hunter - Are you serious? LOL! I was flippin through channels last night and it was on and I confess I watched it. What is it about that show?

    Love the Food Network. Perhaps you could subscribe with all that extra monthly car payment $$$ you now have available =). And then there's House Hunters!

  3. I know Shelley! Dog is so addicting. It's like a train can't look away.