Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top Ten: The Best TV Shows. Ever.

I have a serious case of blogger's block. I am sure you have noticed. So in honor of not being able to say anything intelligent, clever, witty or poignant, here is my list of the best TV shows. Ever.

In no particular order...

10. M*A*S*H. This show makes me think of late nights at my grandpa's house. He loves this show therefore I love this show. And there isn't a better theme song than this one.

9. 24. Oh Jack Bauer, I miss you so. I will never know how you could go all day and never have to use the bathroom nor will I ever know why you didn't carry a granola bar in your pocket. Somehow the world just seemed safer with you and CTU around.

8. Chuck. Obviously.

7. Duck Tales. When my brother and I were in elementary school, we would run home from the bus stop and my mom would be waiting with a bowl of popcorn. This show signified the end to a long day of coloring.

6. Seinfeld. I kind of wish I could dance like Elaine.

5. The Cosby Show. I kind of wish I could dance like Cliff.

4. The Office. This show makes me laugh more than any other. It is so incredibly awkward and ridiculous. And there is just something about Dwight's mustard-yellow shirts that keeps me coming back.

3. The Amazing Race. This is the only reality show I would ever do. The concept is brilliant and the frequent flyer miles would be out of this world.

2. McLeod's Daughters. This is an Australian show that aired in the U.S. for just a short while. My mom, sister and I would watch it every week. The only downer was that the last episode we saw had one of the main characters falling off of a cliff. I still don't know how the show ended. Darn it.

1. Friday Night Lights. I love this show for so many reasons: the football, small town America, Tim Riggins, the acting, the drama, Tim Riggins and Tim Riggins.

So, what are your favorites?


  1. Sarah:
    My favorites include Mod Squad, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Gunsmoke, Ponderosa, The Rifleman, Hawaii Five-O, Get Smart, and M*A*S*H. Stuff like that. And, did you know I CAN dance like Elaine!!!

  2. 1. Friends
    2. How I Met Your Mother
    3. Modern Family
    4. LOST
    5. Doug
    6. TRL
    7. 90210
    8. Dawson's Creek
    9. Laguna Beach
    10. The Office

    Dang I wanna watch some TV!

  3. 1. Mad About You (I have a secret desire to have their life)
    2. Full House (I may just stalk their house while in SF this weekend)
    3. The Cosby Show (we watched it with Greek subtitles)
    4. The Office (sadly, my office experience wasn't much different)
    5. The Wonder Years (I have this secret desire to be born in a different decade)
    6. House Hunters (I will be a real estate agent in my next life)
    7. Selling New York (I have a secret desire to live in the big apple)
    8. Cake Boss (makes me want to eat cake - and lots of it!)
    9. King of Queens (Kevin James made me see that large men are worth a second look)
    10. Desperate Housewives (for a few seasons)

  4. Gossip Girl. I'm so addicted. YAY for Chuck Bass.

    Spooks. Richard Armitage. Yum.

    I heart Chuck. Jack Bauer is the best. :)

  5. I am a little shocked and disheartened that Castle didn't make the list. Or JAG. Do Richard Castle and Harmon Rabb mean nothing to you???? ;)

  6. Ooh, Castle. And JAG. And coookie dough. I'm with Kellie. :)

  7. Oh Duck Tales Woo oo! I can't believe we've never talked about our love for that show! And you still owe me a Friday Night Lights weekend.

  8. oh, and my list

    1. Gilmore Girls- fast talking/witty mom and daughter in a cute small town. love it! Sorry Sar, not sure why this show bothers you so much. :)
    2. Full House- I once begged my mom to take me to meet Candace Cameron at the convention center.
    3. The Office- I fell in love with Josh because of this show
    4. Friday Night Lights- same reasons as you
    5. The Andy Griffith Show- my dad's favorite, great small town America show!
    6. Glee- sinful but I love the music!
    7. Dawson's Creek- spent an entire summer watching this
    8. American Idol- Carrie Underwood/ Kelly Clarkson/ Chris Daughtry seasons.
    9. The Middle- sooo funny!
    10. Greek

  9. Let's see . . . Just for today I'll go with (in no particular order:
    10. ER (the early years)
    9. Friends
    8. NCIS
    7. Cosby Show
    6. Bonanza (my first crush was on Candy, the cousin)
    5. Little House on the Prairie
    4. Gilmore Girls
    3. Big Bang Theory
    2. Judging Amy
    1. The West Wing . . . all time favorite, will be VERY hard to knock out of the #1 spot.