Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tap Dancing, Baking, and Little Psychology

(Written Monday evening, October 18)

Good evening, Frustrated Cowgirl Fans,

The Frustrated Cowgirl is currently recovering from a case of tuberculosis bronchitis and two twelve hour work days that have completely confused her sense of time (she keeps asking me if it is Tuesday.  It's not.), so I am guest blogging for her.  Currently, that involves sitting at an awkward angle, eating cookie dough, and half listening to "Hawaii Five-O."  But I digress.

Some of you have asked me what it is like living with the Frustrated Cowgirl.  Well, she's my seester, so I've lived with her for a long time. 

She's just as fun as she seems, and we are - and always have - gotten along pretty darn well.  But are we alike?

Um, not so much.

Sure, we both like good shoes, theater, Banana Republic, international something-or-other, OU football, and cookies, but we've discovered in the last year of being roomies that we are actually geared quite differently.

How so?

If you've ever taken the Myers-Briggs Typology Test, the FC ranks as an ENFJ (borderline F/T).  It means she a natural leader who loves people.  (Sounds like the FC, huh?)  It also means she likes tap-dancing and baking.

Well, not really, but she does.  And she's really good at both, as evidenced by the fact that in the last thirty minutes, she's made a batch of cookies and performed her three-year-old tap routine until a thrown shoe stopped the performance.  But trust me, it was spectacular.

And me?  Well, I fluctuate between an INTJ and an ISFP.  It's like my personality is hormonal.  But either way, it really means that alone time is my friend.  It's how I recharge.  I also like to spend my time watching "Chuck" and reading about counterterrorism strategy, but that just may be me.

So how do these two disparate personality types get along?

First, we each have our own rooms.  And bathrooms.  Things are much, much easier that way.

And we use thesauruses when we speak.  Let me give you an example:

"Claire keeps a messy creatively organized room."  "Sarah is a clean freak like Monica Gellar when it comes to the kitchen."

Stuff like that.  Communication is key.

Plus, it helps that we share DNA.  And blackmail material on each other.

But it really helps that we have different personality types.  That way, when one of us needs to be a drama queen the center of attention a little extra cheering up, the other one can help.

And if I'm the one needing that, then my roomie is a tap-dancing baker recovering from bronchitis.  That'll cheer anyone up.

The Seester


  1. LOL Oh, Claire!!! That was great - and I can totally relate. My seester and I are the same way, but never had to be roomates. Maybe we missed out! Love when you guest blog!

  2. I love both of you crazy girls!

    Your other seester

  3. I enjoyed this post tremendously!!!

  4. I just love that humor runs in the Rymer family. You girls crack me up! Nicely done, Claire.


  5. Brava!!! So do you both want to guest post for me?!?! :)