Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Your Ticket In Line

I have heard it said that all of those who believe in a Savior have a ticket to heaven. And our lives represent us waiting, living, struggling, laughing, working and more waiting in line for the day, the moment we get to cash in that ticket for our ride home.

We don't know when that day will be.

We don't know what that moment will be like.

But for those who go ahead of us in line...

 For those who get to cash in their ticket ahead of us and leave this world that was never meant to be full of suffering and pain...

For those whose task is complete and thus leave us still waiting and living...

I rejoice because my mind cannot comprehend what their eyes are seeing and what their ears are hearing.

But at the same time, I ache for us who are left behind.

And tonight...

I am aching.

I am aching for loss of presence, for the loss of touch, for that voice on the phone, that twinkle of the eye, that resilient spirit and that sense of humor, that constant person in my life that has meant more to me than words can say.

I ache to the very bottom of my heart.

And I don't want to ache. I don't want to be without these things in my life. I need them. And I am not sure how to take the next step without them.



Under all the aching and sadness...

It is well with my soul.

And I have Him to thank for that.


  1. What a poignant expression of your grief. Yes, Sarah -- "somehow" and only because of Him. Amen.

  2. Well said. I'm praying for you and your family.

    Sarah, you are such an amazing writer, amazing woman of God, just plain amazing (let's say "fancy" amazing, because it fits better than "plain!").

    You may suck The Prince's cheeks at any time. He makes housecalls.

  3. Sarah, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever read. What a wonderful tribute to your addition to the wonderful tribute you and your cousins and family are to him.

    I am praying that in the coming days and weeks and months, those memories stay close and comfort you.

    Much love, my friend.

  4. Well done in sharing your heart, my friend. Good strides in opening your heart for the world to see the beauty within - even when it all feels bad. Your grandpa is proud of you! He loved you so much!

  5. Oh Sarah - so sorry to hear this. But what a beautiful post. Praying for you.

    Mandy <><