Friday, October 8, 2010

Top Ten: Things To Have On A Deserted Island

Happy Friday! I have loved your responses about your fave TV programs! Seriously, I need a few weekends to catch up on some of those.

Thanks for hanging in there with me this week. Not only do I have a severe case of  I-have-no-idea-what-to-write-about syndrome, but I have been fighting off the flu, a persistent migraine and the overall feeling of not wanting to get out of bed.

Well, the not wanting to get out of bed is totally normal for me, but the others I could definitely do without!

So, here is my completely random list of what I would take with me on a deserted island. Hopefully none of us will ever experience this, but if we do, there are few items I would prefer to have along with me. What are yours?

10. Chapstick. I need it here so I can only imagine how much I would need it there.

9. My pillow. Enough said.

8. A laptop with wireless internet. I am addicted to Hulu.

7. Peanut butter. It is the perfect food in every way. And I would prefer the Super Chunk.

6. A hoodie sweatshirt. You know, for when the hurricanes blow in.

5. Silverware. I know it sounds strange, but you can use the spoon for digging, the fork for combing your hair (Thank you, Ariel) and a knife for scavenging, cutting and dissecting. Plus, you won't have to eat with your hands all the time. I am all about being civilized whenever possible.

4. A lighter. I seriously doubt my ability to rub two sticks together.

3. A tarp. As much as I love a good rain shower, I love being dry even more.

2. A First-Aid kit. I broke my toe while DRIVING IN MY OWN CAR, I am thinking this will come in handy.

1. My camera. This way I can continue to blog and show you the beautiful scenery. I am sure you will all be searching for me, not resting until you find me. But I will be sure to send you clues along the way. However, if you see pictures of Jack and Sawyer pop up, feel free to take your time.


  1. Jack or Sawyer? That is the question...

    I would have to bring:
    - Sunscreen: because I am allergic. To the sun.
    - A bed. Because I don't like sand in my ears or jungle varmints in my bed.
    - Mosquito repellant. Because they love me.
    And it's not mutual.
    - Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and gum. Because bad breath isn't appreciated anywhere. And because gum bubbles are fun.
    - Scissors. Because that's why we have opposable thumbs.
    - Wet wipes. Never leave home without them.

  2. i agree with all the things already listed and will add a few to it:
    1.a bar of soap. gotta keep it fresh.
    2.a razor. again, gotta keep it fresh.
    3.chips and queso. i could deal with eating that for a few meals a day!
    4. mascara. homegirl be lookin harsh without it!!
    5. LOST dvds to brush up on my island survival skills. or i guess jack and sawyer could just hook a girl up with those tips! :) i'd like hurley to be there too to provide entertainment!