Monday, September 13, 2010

Reasons to Smile

Last night I was sifting through some of my photos on file and I found myself laughing out loud. Thankfully Claire knows that is normal for me. So, I thought the best way to start off a Monday would be to share a few with you. I know I could use it, perhaps you can too.

I hope they make you giggle.

Or guffaw.

Or say "tee hee hee."

Or maybe even snort. Go on, snort. I dare you.

Perhaps you will chuckle, chortle, upchuck. Oh wait, not the last one.

Maybe you will burst into uncontrollable laughter. That always sends the co-workers running.

But most of all, I hope they make you smile. Mondays that include some sort of  outburst are always better than those that don't.


Location: Petra, Jordan
Description: I caught this picture out of a bus window. The fact that his tractor could go faster than the bus tells you a a lot about my bus ride. You don't see this everyday, even in Oklahoma.

Location: University of Denver - Claire's graduation from graduate school.
Description: Obviously Rachel and I were bored.

Location: My parent's backyard.
Description: Noah had my camera and apparently my mom didn't get the memo on looking pensive. It's like she knows something that Claire and I don't. I hate when that happens!

Location: Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.
Description: "What?"

Location: Gage, Oklahoma - 4th of July, 2010
Description: My cousin Luke was so enamored by the fireworks that he had no idea a big drip of drool had accumulated on the bottom of his chin.

Location: the Pampas, Argentina
Description: My horse's name was "Revenge." And let me tell you, she lived up to. It is amazing I am alive, people.

Location: Rockies Game - Denver, Colorado
Description: You could say that Eric is a fan of licorice.

Location: Gage, Oklahoma
Description: My grandpa is getting a haircut. Apparently his barber took a little too much off the top.

Location: Probably in Oklahoma
Description: She may have been cute but apparently not very stimulating.

Location: Trinidad, Cuba
Description: The dude has a rooster in his lap. Enough said.

Location: California
Description: Sisters. They always look like this.

Location: Littleton, Colorado
Description: It's true, pregnant wives strike fear into their husbands.

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Description: "Um, gross."

Location: Littleton, Colorado
Description: "Is that all you got?" Oh, that kid kills me.

Here's to a joyful Monday, my friends!


  1. Great shots! The pictures are good . . . the captions are the best!

  2. I'm totally stimulating. What you talkin' bout, Willis?