Thursday, September 2, 2010

Post 150: A Guest Blog

Hi there, all you Frustrated Cowgirl Fans,

Since the FC is currently in Oooooh-Klahoma! (and yes, the wind does go sweeping down the plain - sometimes in the form of a GIANT TORNADO), I have volunteered to be the guest blogger for the 150th blog posting.  As we recap the last postings, The FC has taken us through the wonderful world of the Middle East, delicious food, Noah sightings, the INTERNATIONAL FITNESS CHALLENGE OF DEATH, redecorating highs (and lows), and dreamy goodness that was - and is - Chuck Bartowski. 

So, dear FC fans, which blog(s) have been your favorites?  Was it Theme Week (ie: the Best Thing I Have Ever Eaten)? Or are you a recipe junkie?  Are you all about the pictures taken by the camera delivered by the man in the short brown shorts just in the nick of time, or has another Randomicity post captured your fancy?

We want to know.

Since our blogger-in-residence is temporarily residing elsewhere, please feel free to post your comments. Or any other blog-worthy material that you think deserves the FC perspective.


The Seester


  1. Dear Seester,

    Well, I confess I am a recipe junkie, loved The Best Thing I Ever Ate Theme, and the photos, the fashion statements etc. etc... so I more than anything, I like the way Sarah writes about ordinary things so creatively and vividly. Love the way she turns a phrase or uniquely uses words to describe things, her thoughts, emotions and the stuff of life in general. For example, yesterday, she said her love language is "frozen" -- too too funny! Love the blog (and Sarah too!)

  2. Let's see....I do love me some theme weeks and recipes are always appreciated. I was on the edge of my seat for the conclusion of how a wacko almost killed sarah in france and i loved every single picture from her middle east trip. but, because of the topic (and not just cause it was my first picture appearance on the blog) i'd have to say the yogurtology post was my fave...or most drooled over. yumm

  3. Wow where to begin?!? What DON'T I love about the FC? Although if I had to choose, some of my favorites come from the randomocity category. You just can't beat random thoughts. I don't know if I have any other kind. And love the recipes, too. And the pictures of the recipes in progress. I have licked the screen many times - take that as a compliment, please. :-)

  4. Oh, Seester. I'm a fan of just about anything FC does or says. I can't think of a thing she has done or said of which I am not a fan . . . well, perhaps there were some questionable elements in some of her recipes that don't make my heart sing, but they are recipes not FC . . . however I reserve the right to disagree with her at some point. Really, FC is fabulous. I love her. I love her blog.