Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend List O'Fun: Recap

Here is a review of my weekend because I am sure you are just dying to know. Try not to doze off.

1. Sleep in as late as humanly possible. And then take a nap.
I slept until 10:00 on Saturday morning. It was pure bliss, people, PURE BLISS.

2. Bake a new recipe that calls for equal amounts butter, sugar and chocolate.
I did try a new recipe and it will be posted this week. And let me tell you something, it is divine.

3. Go out on a hot date.
"Romeo, oh Romeo..." In other

4. Shop for new shoes.
Oh yes I did. And I found new black slingback heels. LOVE. THEM. With every fiber of my being.

5. Go salsa dancing.
Unfortunately no. However, I do have definitive plans to go in October. Que bueno!

6. Ride a horse.
Oh man, I wish! Does anyone have a horse I can ride? I would even clean out the stall. And I can bring my own saddle. Is that weird?

7. Get a new stamp in my passport.
Unless Highlands Ranch is giving out stamps these days, this did not quite happen this weekend.

8. Paint my bathroom.
Who wants to be inside painting on a weekend? Sheesh. What was I thinking putting this on the list?

9. Hit a bucket of balls.
I almost went but I decided to bake instead. Oh, the choices we must make.

10. Watch OU football.
You bet your booty. And can we say "BRING ON TEXAS?!?"

11. Eat kettle corn.
My fabulous friend Lizz buys me kettle corn almost every weekend at a local farmers market. It is why we are friends. Everyone should have a friend that buys them kettle corn. I highly recommend it.

12. Swim in the ocean.
Stinkin' land-locked state.

13. Hike a 14er.
Just kidding.
Wouldn't that have been HILARIOUS if I actually did this? Well, maybe not hilarious. Maybe more like demon-possession.

14. Go see a new movie.
I saw the new Wallstreet movie, where I subsequently ate my kettle corn. They were both sublime. And I think I may be crushin' on Shia. Just a little bit. But don't tell Chuck.

15. See as many friends as possible.
I saw quite a few! And I missed all the ones I didn't see. You know who you are.

16. Take another nap.
I snoozed for approximately 2.4 minutes today. It was heaven.

17. Run. Yeah, you heard me. Apparently working out has its benefits. Go figure.
Yep, I did it. Cue "Chariots of Fire." I am like the wind, like a sure-footed deer. Well, maybe more like a slow moving, uncoordinated antelope, but you get the picture.

18. Arrive to church on time.
I sure did! It was a minor miracle. And I was greeter.

19. Watch the the first episode of Chuck. Again.
Nope, didn't have time. But it is on my to-do list because Chuck appears in a tuxedo which means I am a white dress short of marrying him.

20. Hang with my mama.
Yep, we totally hung out. For shizzle. She and the seester and I went shoe shopping. Fabulous!

21. Suck the cheeks off of some cute baby, preferably one I know. Or not. Whatever.
To all of my friends with adorable babies (Tirzah, Rach, Kellie, Mandy, Laura, Melissa, Sherrie, Mika etc.): Where were your kids when I needed them the most this weekend? I may have to come and personally visit each one of you just so I can smooch on your kiddos. I hope you don't mind.

22. Avoid all toe-related accidents or trauma.

23. Sing in the rain.
No rain was to be found this weekend but I did sing in the shower. Does that count?

24. Wash all the bug guts off my car (another reason why I detest Kansas).
I almost pulled in to have my car washed but I was on my way to go shoe shopping and suddenly the bug guts didn't seem nearly that important. The magnetic force of Off Broadway Shoes was too strong and I was just too weak. I am a big, weak weeny. But that's okay, I can live with that.

25. Eat some peanut butter.
Absolutely I did. Didn't you?

So how was your weekend? I don't know about you, but I could use another one!


  1. This sounds like a jam-packed weekend! And I watched the first episode of Chuck again for you. And yes, there's something about Shia...even if he is a little young for me. And yay for our new-brand shoes!

    Love, The Seeester.

  2. VERY productive weekend Sarah!! :)

  3. Love your weekend! And since Sarah had her first cold it's probably best you were nowhere near her this weekend!

  4. Wow! The only thing I outdid you on (and possibly the only thing I did) was sleep. I slept till noon on Saturday. YAWN!!! And for whatever reason I thought you said, " . . . ran like a square footed deer." I'm glad you were much more graceful than that!