Friday, September 10, 2010

First Ever Women's Group Photo Shoot

First of all, thank you for all of your sweet, encouraging, uplifting comments you left after Wednesday's post. They meant the world to me, each and every word.


So, are you ready for this? Are you ready for the First Ever Women's Group Photo Shoot? You may want to sit down. It took us seven years to put this thing together. We may not be the most efficient group of girls but we sure do know how to make a mean t-shirt.

We began the evening with black shirts and an accessory. Girliness was running amuck. And a few of our first attempts are totally print-worthy. Here are a couple:

But then Heather said something funny, and I mean REALLY funny, and we all started laughing. However, my camera was set on that rapid fire succession mode thingy and took 12 pictures really fast. Here are a few of them:

Then we decided to bust out our t-shirts. You know, the ones we made...back in February?

Excuse us while we do a wardrobe change. Talk amongst yourselves.

Okay, we're back!

Here we are in our blue shirts. Even though we made these shirts eight months ago, it took us that long to find a date that would work for all of us that didn't involve child birth or nuptials.
And here is an up-close version of the blue t-shirt. Notice the wonderful iron-on lettering and numbers. Oh Hobby Lobby, you know how to bring people together.

So there you have it: the First Ever Women's Group Photo Shoot. Hopefully it won't be another seven years until we do one again. By then, we'll be a bunch of 37 year-olds running around in handmade t-shirts. I am sure you can't wait to see that.

Happy Friday to you!



  1. How wonderful to have friends close by to make such memories with . . . and to plan for more!

  2. :) Love them all! And oh I short!! Thanks for sharing!