Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Best Thing I Have Ever Eaten: Yesterday

Yesterday was one of those days that I could have used three of me. One to work, one to shop and cook and one to take a very long nap. To say that it has been a roller coaster of a week is an understatement and yesterday I nearly hit my emotional, physical, mental and gastronomical wall. It was not pretty folks.

And on top of that, I had a bad hair day. Does it get any worse? I think not.

The one bright spot of my week has been the arrival of my sweet cousin Katie and her hubby Vadim. They are from Oklahoma (surprised, right?) and are visiting for a few days. And they bring with them two little ones who are currently baking quite nicely in the oven, if you catch my drift.

If you didn't catch my drift, it means that Katie is preggo with twins: a boy and a girl! Just when you thought my family couldn't get any bigger, we are adding two more this winter! That makes the grand total from both sides of my family 42,195. It's quite impressive.

So, after hours of office time, the mad dash to the grocery store, cleaning, driving, picking up, stressing, crying, flailing and crumpling, I decided that I needed to make something homey, comforting and delectable for, I mean my guests. So, guess what I made.

Drumroll please.

Dark Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies.

Did you hear that? That was a heavenly chorus of foodie angels busting out some tunes because they know just how good these cookies can be! I make them every autumn (and sometimes winter, spring and summer) and they have become one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE COOKIES. They make you feel, for one brief, delectable moment, that all is right with the world. And since I have been trying to watch my girly figure, I only ate one. But let me tell you something, it was, BY FAR, the best thing I ate yesterday.

When Katie and Vadim walked in the door last night, I had just pulled them from the oven and served them up with vanilla bean ice cream. I highly recommend this combination, especially when the cookies are still warm and gooey. I almost wanted to bathe in it but I was too tired.

So my friends, what was the best thing you ate yesterday?? Beef jerky? Filet mignon? Cheese Whiz? Taco Bell? Let's hear it. And I promise to post the recipe for these suckers soon!


  1. Oooh, I LOVE all things pumpkin! Those cookies sound awesome! Can't wait to see the recipe and hopefully your step by step photos as well. You're an inspiration, Sarah!!

  2. Ditto, Robyn... and the best thing I ate yesterday was a little cake in a mug. Red velvet. With Cool Whip I might add. Yum - o. And it will probably be the best thing I eat today... if you catch my drift.

  3. I'm really looking forward to this recipe when it makes an appearance!

    Yesterday? Probably McDonald's fries. Sad. I know. But they were finger licking yummy. (I think I needed some salt.)

  4. i had some delish queso and sangria margaritas yesterday (i'm posting this like a week late). yummmmmmmm