Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Power of Lip Gloss

Today is dedicated to your lips. My beautiful, amazing, funny, lip-gloss addicted friend Melissa is here to share with you all that you need to know about lip gloss. It will blow your mind, my friends, BLOW YOUR MIND!

Here is Melissa.  Isn't she stunning? I love her to pieces. I also love her kids, which you can read about here.

Melissa was my inspiration to dedicate this week to all things beauty. She and I were having coffee on Sunday and suddenly she reached into her purse and pulled out a tube of lip gloss. I commented on how much I loved it and then she preceded to tell me that she carries seven different tubes with her at all times.


I was stunned. I felt like I had been left out of some very important shiny lip circle and I desperately wanted in. So I begged her to write about lip gloss and I snapped a few pictures of her collection (with a lovely Starbucks napkin as a backdrop).

So, without further ado...

Meet Melissa:
Every woman needs to have lip gloss on hand at all times. All ages of women at all times. The power of lip gloss is extremely underestimated. It can brighten a face with one stroke, takes a few seconds to apply, is cheap, and totally versatile. It’s like a secret weapon disguised in a small plastic tube. There are a few things to know that can amp your skill when it comes lip gloss. I tell you, if you do not normally wear lip gloss, start today.

First, let’s talk about shades. Subtle colors and neutral tones are great for daytime wear, but when it comes to dressing up, going to a party, or going downtown, nothing says celebration better than bright and sparkly gloss. Soft pinks or peaches (depending on your skin and lip tone) and sheer textures are ideal for warm weather; creamy dark wines and plums should be saved for winter. However, there are always exceptions. Bright berry tones can also look great with a fresh tan. Mild shades of brown are perfect for fall and early winter depending on your skin tone. If you have fair skin go with shades that carry an undertone of soft pink or warm peach. Dark skin is flattered by deep reds and deep reddish-browns. I’m not a pro, but if you have dark, rich skin tone I would steer you away from pinks and oranges. If you’re unsure about what shades might look best with your skin tone, go to a makeup counter or two in the mall and see what they advise.

Let’s talk about flavors. This is gonna be short. I don’t like flavored gloss. Period. I get sick of the flavor approximately halfway through the first application and if you’re over the age of 11, I would think cherry blast is not something you want to taste all day. I am going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing your boyfriend (or husband) is not going to want to taste it either. Bottom line: don’t buy flavored lip gloss.

There is rightful controversy about goopy lip gloss. “My hair always gets stuck to my lips.” “My boyfriend looks like he’s been attacked by the petroleum monster after we kiss.” Yes, well there are rules to follow, peeps. If you are going to wear the goop, wear it only for indoor events or if you’re hair is pulled back in a ponytail. And for crying out loud, no goop for the guy. 

Cheap vs. Expensive:
Is expensive lip gloss really that much better? From my experience, it’s not. About five years ago there was a significant difference, but now the generic brands have made significant strides. Go cheap.

The Frosted Controversy:
While we’re talking about it, NEVER buy frosted lip gloss. As in N.E.V.E.R. I have one friend, who will kindly remain anonymous, that orders her frosted lip gloss online because she can’t find it in stores. That’s like ordering tapered jeans online, because you can’t seem to find them at The Gap, Macy’s, or any other respectable store. Skip the frosted lip gloss and save yourself from looking like Katy:

Melissa's Stash:
So in total vulnerability, I feel like it’s only fair to share my personal buffet of lip glosses that I carry in my purse on a daily basis:

Let’s start on the left. 

This is called Carrot Kiss (don’t you love that name?) by Yes to Carrots.  It’s thinner than my other tinted glosses and is perfect if you’re going to be drinking or eating shortly after putting it on.  It’s easy to wipe off on a napkin and won’t leave a gross residue on your cup or fork.  Sitting in the parking lot and getting ready to meet a friend at Starbucks?  Go with this: a thin lip gloss that has a subtle tint. 

Next is Metallic Mocha by Bonnie Bell.  Okay, this one is my favorite for fall.  It has a discreet sparkle to it and is perfect if you’re applying lip gloss before you leave for dinner or if you’re getting ready to see a movie or shop at the mall. 

Then comes Juiced Berry (non-flavored lest there be any confusion) by Victoria’s Secret.  This was a gift to me which is the only reason I have lip gloss that is over $8 bucks and something from VS.  This is my favorite for summer and is the perfect splash of color and sparkle to complement a fresh tan. 

Then comes Peach Sorbet by Maybeline.  Every girl needs a solid sheer gloss.  It’s heavier with a little goop so just remember the rules about goop. 

Next in line is Tempting Toffee by Maybeline.  I recently got this and it became love at first application.  It has a berry undertone yet still wearable in the fall.  No sparkler or shimmer, but a solid staple. 

Finally, we have Grapefruit Pulp by Aveda which I also got for free.  In general, I love anything for free, but I hate everything related to pulp.  The thought of those small chunks of left over oranges in my juice makes me gag.’s definitely the pinkest shade I have and I enjoy wearing this in late summer, but it’s my least versatile.  Few skin tones can pull this shade off. Know thy skin tone, people.

And last but not least, a tinted balm: Burt’s Bees pomegranate. Everybody needs a balm.

So go forth, new friends, and gloss away!


  1. I love me some VS lip gloss. They have a range of colors and are fabulous. La la la la la I will forever sing the praises of VS lip gloss! :) Definitely stock up during the semi annual sale when its 3 for $7! Can't beat that price! :)

    This is a funny story that I'm not entirely sure why I'm sharing but oh well! I had a bf that I would always kiss me right after we were done eating because I usually hadn't put "my lips" on again. Ha ha. Or he'd specifically request I not wear lip gloss on certain dates as a present to him. Ha ha ha. Oh gosh, I hadnt thought about that in a while. Sorry mom, if you are reading this.

    1. Ha! I love that story!! And I'll definitely have to try VS lip gloss. :)

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