Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Carb Coma and Counter-terrorism

I am pretty sure I am still in a state of carbohydrate overload. Between the noodles and the dressing and the hot rolls and the pie, I may very well have tripled my blood sugar levels to a point where they may never come back down.

But oh, it was worth it.

Our Thanksgiving was magical. My dad arrived in the early evening on Thanksgiving day and from that moment forward, it was a mandatory stretchy pants dress code. Sam, Noah, Claire and Carr spent the night and for the first time ever, the seven of us were under one roof for more than a couple hours. And on Friday, I ate five pieces of pie.

Don't judge.

So now, as I try to figure out how many hours on the treadmill I need to spend between now and Christmas just to balance out, I am in the middle of our bi-annual week of meetings where we discuss everything from budgets to international security. (FYI: terrorism reeks havoc on our plans.) My mind is a bit sluggish from all the information (and carbohydrates) but I am determined to not be the only one who votes for a nap time.

After all, I am a professional.

SIDE NOTE: Anytime any one ever says they are "a professional," I immediately think of the valet attendant in Ferris Bueller's Day Off . So classic.

Anyway, I hope you are rebounding well from the long weekend and finding a plethora of good bargains. I am trying to slip in a little online shopping during our meetings, I am on the hunt for a food processor. Try not to be overwhelmed by the glamour that is my life. But I must also stay focused because they are paying me to be here.

I am just counting down the minutes until our pie break. That is a thing, trust me.

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  1. I have wonderful memories of Thanksgiving-ing at your house. Wish it wasn't so long ago... Life is getting in the way of my travel schedule! So, so happy your dad was there. Love to you all (and I may or may not have met your goal of 5 pieces of pie in a day). ;-)