Friday, November 9, 2012

Top Ten: Sarah and Melissa's Favorite Beauty Products

It is Friday of Beauty Week and today I present to you the top 10 products that Melissa and I adore!

Are you ready for this? I am sure you are.

1. Burt's Bees Chapstick
Chapstick is a must this time of year, especially if you live in the high desert (I almost wrote "dessert," which could apply as well) of Colorado. Burt's Bees is a favorite of mine and we all know that Melissa does not leave home without it!

2. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads
I have been using these cleansing pads for nearly two years and I can honestly say they clean my face better than any other product I have used. They have two sides, one smooth and one with an exfoliating texture, and they leave my face feeling totally clean and refreshed. For the best deal, I get mine at Walmart.

3. Sally Hansen Nail Polish
Melissa and I both agree that you get more bang for your buck with Sally! Of course Essie and O.P.I. are stocked with fabulous colors, but they can run $8.00 per bottle! Sally Hansen has a plethora of colors and finishes and start as low as $2.50. Their "Insta-Dri" is currently my favorite, the brush is angled so it goes on super smooth. You can find them at almost every store that sells beauty products.

4. Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation Powder
My mom introduced me to Bare Minerals about five years ago and I haven't looked back since! I love how light it feels and I think it does a great job of giving you a smooth, balanced canvas for the rest of your make-up. I also love that it is natural and has sun protection included. This is a bit on the pricey side at $27.00 per jar, but I can stretch mine out to last 9-12 months. Totally worth the investment!

5. Mary Kay Moisturizer
Even though Mary Kay may seem like it is only for people over 50 or who were born and raised in Texas, I know plenty of hip women who swear by it! Melissa loves the Mary Kay skincare line and uses it daily. Having grown up in Oklahoma, I am very familiar with their products and agree that they are fabulous! Melissa uses this day and night and she says it keeps her face hydrated and radiant. I have seen her face and I totally agree. If you need a Mary Kay consultant, feel free to let me know and I can hook you up with Melissa.

6. Aquaphor
Prepare to be amazed: Melissa uses Aquaphor for under eye cream at night! After our discussion on Sunday, I decided to give it a try and so far, I am loving it! Essentially, it is a thick vaseline that I dab under my eye and around the ends. By the morning, I feel like my eyes look more refreshed and the skin around them appears more hydrated. I am so thankful for this new tip, not only is it easy to find but it is super cheap compared to expensive eye creams!

7. Revlon Grow-Lucious Fabulash Mascara
I am constantly trying out new mascaras. I can never seem to find just the right formula to make my lashes long, thick and non-clumpy. Currently, this is my new favorite! It has an old-school brush on it, not one of those weird rubbery ones, and the formula is smooth. I throw mine out every three months just to prevent clumping. The $7.99 is totally worth 90 days of long lashes!

8. BIOTERA Shampoo and Conditioner
In case you didn't notice, Melissa has amazing naturally curly hair. Truly, it is a masterpiece on her head! She uses Biotera products and loves all of them! And she doesn't even use those for curly hair. I trust curly-headed people when it comes to hair products. I mean, how can you not? I can't wait to try this!

9. Big Sexy Hairspray
First, I love the name. It is a goal in my lifetime to have big, sexy hair. Second, this stuff works wonders. It runs $17.99 per can but it can last for-e-ver. No need to mess around with other products. This stuff rocks.

10. Maybeline Unstoppable Eye Liner
I adore eyeliner, and the blacker the better! I have tried a bazillion different brands but I am loving Maybeline right now. It stays on, it doesn't smudge and you don't have to sharpen the end. I try to avoid sharp objects around my eyes, especially knowing my lack of coordination.


Dollar Store Mouthguards
Confession: Both Melissa and I have to wear mouthguards at night because we grind our teeth. (I cannot wait to introduce my future husband to this, I am sure it is every man's dream to sleep next to a football player.) Currently, I use one that my insurance covered from my dentist's office, but Melissa gets hers from the Dollar Store. She loves them and says they are really comfortable! If mine is every eaten by my brother's dog or if I somehow leave it in a foreign country, I am definitely getting my at the Dollar Store, because, you know, it will only cost A DOLLAR. That is so brilliant.

Okay fabulous friends, thus concludes Beauty Week! Thanks for following along and if you have any products that you love, feel free to share.

Happy, happy Friday.


  1. Oooo, I'm going to run right out to the store to try a few of these. Yay for new beauty tips!! Love having my own fashionistas nearby!