Friday, November 30, 2012

The GDE: In Conclusion

It is official: the Great Dating Experiment has come to an end.


These last two months were filled with a few highs and and an overwhelming amount of lows. But I will say that it was a significant growth opportunity. Truly, I learned a lot about myself, dating and men, some of which I wish I could unlearn.

Before I share my take-aways with you, I must first give a HUGE thanks to my friends who spent countless hours scouring all that the internet has to offer and setting me up with those who seemed the least creepy. Thank you for being my filter. I owe you, big time.

So here are my lessons learned about online dating:

1. I get nervous. I get nervous emailing, texting, calling and meeting guys. I thought I would be over this by now, but no.

2. If you have the editing abilities to make yourself look normal online yet still come off as a potential serial killer, you should not be on a dating website. In fact, you should not be free to roam the earth.

3. Some men like to sign up for dating websites but still have no interest in actually dating. Perhaps their mothers put them up to it or maybe they are just on the cyber prowl, but regardless, do not say you are interested in finding "the one" if you are still looking for "the next one."

4. I will always prefer face-to-face meetings. Using the internet as a medium in which to meet people does not feel entirely normal to me. Even though there is very little difference in having someone set me up on a blind date as opposed to having a friend find someone online for me, getting rid of the computer screens makes all the difference.

5. My favorite trait in a man is confidence, whether in the real world or cyber world.

6. It takes a lot of time and energy to try to correspond with seven guys all at once. You must keep your facts straight, otherwise it could get very embarrassing. Not that I would know or anything.

7. I still don't understand how people actually meet and fall in love and get married. How does this work? I am firm believer that this is one of God's greatest miracles. On our own, the world would be full of very awkward single people who say things like "I want to swim in your eyes."

8. My perception of online dating was wrong. It is not as weird as I thought it would be nor is it a desperate act or last resort. Everyone is online so if you are wanting to find someone, it would make sense to look there too. It is not my first choice but it doesn't have to be my last.

9. I am not opposed to trying it again. I know, I am shocked too! I will probably wait a little while just because trying to do it over the holidays brings way too many expectations about gifts and family and schedules. That is like dating suicide. But perhaps I will give it a whirl in the new year sometime.

10. Ignore #9.

So, thanks. Thanks for your encouragement. If it weren't for the internet, I wouldn't have all of you cheering me on. It takes an online village, people.

And if you have any online dating tips, stories or warnings, please feel free to pass those along.

Happy Friday, peeps.

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