Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Escape Tattoo

So I have been watching Prison Break lately. The entire series is on Hulu and I am now into the second season. And let me tell you, I am totally, completely hooked.

Granted, the show is a bit violent and gag-worthy at times, but I am watching it for three primary reasons:

1. It is about an innocent man who is sent to prison. I can kind of relate to that.

2. Wentworth Miller who plays Michael Scofield.

3. Michael Scofield played by Wentworth Miller

Have you seen Wentworth?

Um, you should.

Because, dang.

Why can't he be online? I guarantee I wouldn't mind 150 texts from him.

Anyway, while I was hanging out with my dad on Saturday, I mentioned the show to him and how Michael Scofield purposely goes to prison to help his innocent brother escape from death row. In order to do this, he covers his body in tattoos that include the escape route out of prison along with many other helpful things to allow him to live a life on the run. It is a totally brilliant, albeit crazy, concept!

So I said, "Hey Dad. I should get a tattoo and hide your escape route in it. I bet we would be 100% successful."

"Sarah, I live in an apartment. All you would need to get is a tattoo of my front door."

"Oh. Good point."

And thus the conversation ended.

However, I decided out of solidarity and boredom that I would get one anyway. Behold:

Totally fail proof.

I consider this his early Christmas present.


  1. You're the best. Seriously laughed. Thank you!!!

  2. as your #1 fan I'm rushing out today to get this as an actual tattoo! Probably gonna go for the classic tramp stamp location, because I'm classy

    1. I would expect nothing less from you, Andrew. Can't wait to see it!