Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Top Five for Bargain Shopping

It is Day 2 of Beauty Week and I am happy to report that I successfully contoured my face this morning without looking like I should guest star on Duck Dynasty.

It's the small victories that really keep us going, isn't it?

For today, let's talk about clothes shopping! Technically, clothes do not fall under the "beauty" heading, but clothes have a big impact on how beautiful I feel. So just for fun, I am including clothes into this week's theme.

Now, I am one of those girls who really loves to shop for a good bargain but also values high quality. When those two things collide, my outlook is much brighter and my closet is much fuller. Or in other words, there is harmony in my fashion world.

I have to confess that I have expensive taste. I naturally gravitate towards things that are WAY out of my budget, but since I work for a non-profit, that may not be saying much. However, I refuse to pay top dollar for anything because I can guarantee you that you can find it somewhere else for a fraction of the price.

Also, I am perpetually in a state of wanting to be more svelte, so the thought of spending wads of money on pants or jeans is hard for me to justify. Granted, I have been the same size for the last decade so you would think that logic would have changed. However, I am nothing if not goal oriented.

So, where do I find these expensive items that won't break the bank? Here are my top 5 favorite places to go:

TJ Maxx.
This is my #1 most favorite place to shop! My mama introduced me to this store at a very early age. Back then, I found very little to keep me entertained and instead spent all of my time crawling on the floor looking for loose sequins (virtual gold when you are six years old) or inside of the round clothes racks with Sam waiting to pounce on the next unsuspecting shopper. It's amazing we weren't adopted out.

But then I went to college and all of a sudden I had to buy my own clothes, shoes, dishes and towels. And there is no better store than TJ for all of these needs. Some of my most amazing pairs of shoes come from this store, not to mention seeing brands like Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors,Tahari and Dooney and Burke at a fraction of what the sell for in department stores. Most of what I own is not a recognized label but when I do want something that is high quality (or anything else, for that matter), this is the first place I go. I also buy all of my baby shower gifts, cupcake liners, running socks and bath soap here as well. It is my shopping heaven.

Oh, how I adore Target. This is my second wardrobe staple. They have everything from designer labels to super cheap t-shirts, plus you can buy your toilet paper and favorite nail polish at the same time. Their prices are awesome and they bring in trendy pieces that add so much to your wardrobe. And my latest find? Jeans. They have a brand made by Levi's that fit me perfectly. And at $27.99 a pair, I can totally justify buying them.

If I had to guess, 85% of my closet is from TJ and Target. Obviously they are doing something right.

I am hooked on eBay! I do not do a lot of my shopping on eBay, but when there is a specific item that is usually over my budget, I look to eBay first. Last year I found my favorite pair of Banana Republic jeans, brand new and in my size, for $29.00. They usually run $79.00, so I consider that a huge success! You don't always find what you want right away, but if you have a little time and patience, it can pay off big. I buy everything from DVDs to jeans to handbags to shoes on eBay. And if you find a seller who throws in free shipping, total bonus!

I am new to the JCPenney world. I used to think of it as a place that only grandmas shopped, but lately it has a younger, fresher feel. This is an excellent place to shop for staples, like black dress pants, pencil skirts or a basic blazer. The quality isn't perfect, but it will work in a pinch or for a season or two. They also have fantastic dresses, including a purple one that I wore to my friend's wedding two years ago. Currently, I am coveting this dress, which I think is perfect for the holidays:

 And guess how much it is: $35.00. I KNOW!! Ridiculous.

Banana Republic.
Yes, I know this is not a cheap store but it is my go-to for work. They have UH-MAZING sales, especially right before Thanksgiving and after Christmas. I only shop there during a sale and I usually find a piece or two that is perfect for dressier events or for meetings at work. The cuts are always classic so you can have the pieces for years. Investing in quality staples is a must for me but I always wait until they are marked down.

So, there you have it! Those are my top five. What are yours? For the love of my future wardrobe, please share.


  1. Accessories (including amazing shoes!) at Nordstrom Rack.

  2. Um yeah! I'm thinking that dress needs to be yours for NEW YORK BABY!!! It would look fabulous at The Christmas Story on BROADWAY!!!

    Love Gigi!

    1. Ha! Yes it would look fabulous. :)