Monday, November 19, 2012

Pouring in Portland

Did you know that my favorite movie of all time is The Goonies? I saw it in the movie theater with my brother, my aunt Marge and my cousin Lori. I thought everything Lori did was absolute magic so when I was invited to see The Goonies with her, I was pretty sure I had hit the coolness jack pot.

Until Sam came along and I immediately resorted to being Ferris's little sister again. Punk.

(Don't you love how I combined references from two different movies? I am a fount of useless knowledge.)

I am mere miles from where that movie was filmed and it is killing me that I won't have time to visit. However, I am planning a trip there next summer and I am going to buy every single souvenir I can find. Maybe even an ORV with bullet holes.

So, I am now tucked into my hotel bed in Porltand, listening to the (wait for it...) rain outside. Our meetings went well and were extremely productive but even though I am an extrovert, I am overdue for some down time. Tomorrow we have back to back to back meetings and finally arrive back in to Denver at midnight. It's a brutal schedule but so worth it. I love when work trips actually accomplish something great.

I won't have time to explore Portland, but like the rest of the northwest, I will just have to return and drink all the organic coffee I can find. This place has a very cool, very wet vibe to it.

Even though I am suddenly craving Rocky Road, I think I will call it a night and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving eve eve. The big carb-fest is a mere two days away so I hope you have been training. I know I have been, one Baby Ruth at a time.

Man, I love that movie.


  1. I am extremely proud of all the quotes you packed into that post.

    Goonies never say die!

    love you!

    The Seester

  2. And it is WET right now! I can't believe the amount of rain we are getting!

  3. I need to go home and find my Thanksgiving pants. :) (Sorry for a non Goonies/Ferris reference, but Friends is right up there, right?)