Monday, August 20, 2012

Vacation Predictions

In one week, I will be on a big, big boat floating in the Caribbean. My friend Tara and I have wanted to take a trip for years and finally this is the year we are doing it!

(Here we are few years ago when I had bangs the first time):

We found a HUMDINGER of a deal on Caribbean cruises and I received a buy one/get one airline ticket offer so this very well could be the cheapest vacation in history. When frugality and palm trees collide, wonderful things happen.

I am not sure how much I will blog next week. I may be too tired from all the lounging and buffeting to write. However, here are some things that I can already predict from this trip:

1. I will not have my hair braided. First, braided bangs look ridiculous on anyone over the age of six. Secondly, in no way do I resemble Bo Derek. No need to put that visual in anyone's mind.

2. I will want to learn to play the steel drums and may bring home a set, just like Michael Scott from The Office.

3. Instead of tanning, I will freckle. I am okay with this.

4. I will over pack. Again, I am okay with this.

5. I plan on dancing as much as humanly possible. There is a salsa club on the boat and I have a feeling they have never seen an Irish girl dance like she is part Latina. I am pretty sure I will blow their minds.

6. I am going to eat a lot of pineapple.

7. I plan on napping regularly.

8. I will try to look as nautical as possible without overdoing it. My goal is to not be one horizontal stripe away from looking like the Cruise Director.

9. I may use a pseudonym and a fake accent if the situation warrants it. I always knew my theater days would come in handy.

10. I really want to try my hand at Bingo.

I will keep you posted on other predictions as the week progresses. Until then, happiest of Mondays to you!

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  1. All I can think about is Monica from Friends getting her hair braided and the hilarity that ensued. Are you sure you don't want to bring that back to Colorado?! ;)

    Hope y'all have an awesome fantastic amazing trip! Take a nap for me, too. :)