Monday, August 13, 2012

Foggy Monday Brain

It is Monday.

My brain is foggy.

I do not have nearly enough coffee.

I vacuumed before I left for work.

My oatmeal exploded in the microwave.

I forgot to pack a lunch.

So, a list is in order. Big time.

1. My sister spent three days in her own private room of the hospital this weekend. She suffers from chronic migraines so her neurologist recommended a wonderful cocktail of medicine to help "reset her brain chemistry." She has had 72 hours to just relax, chat, and rest her little noggin. I am thinking a three-day hospital vacation sounds pretty darn good.

She is such a trooper.

2. I am really, really relieved that the Olympics are over. Now I can actually go to bed like a normal person. Although I will miss my evening dinner dates with Bob Costas.

3. I walked into work this morning and my colleague, Nadine, gave me this:

Who knew that all I needed to do was add water? Brilliant!

4. Thank you for all the love about my bangs. I love how you get me...and my hair.

5. Is it too soon for Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies? I didn't think so.

Thank you and good night.


  1. Thanks for the visit last night Sarah and for bringing us dinner. It was great to see you, and of course, dinner was delicious.

    1. You are so welcome! And it was wonderful seeing all four of you. So glad Kaiden is feeling better. Love you all!

  2. Catching up on your blog this morning. I think I also have Monday brain - altho, I am not quite certain what day it actually is. I left town last week and it was screaming hot and today feels like an entirely different season -- so yes, bake those cookies.

    Sure hope the hospital rest helps the Seesta!

    I will miss the Olympics too but I hope to 'always look on the bright side of life" -- hope you saw that in the Closing Ceremony. Didn't you just want to hop on stage and join along?

    I think you may want to give that Cowboy a bit of fertilizer too.

    Loved the 14er photos. Love your bangs! Continuing to pray for your family.


    1. Thanks for the prayers! :) And yes, the Seesta is feeling better. Huge praise!! Hope your Tuesday is looking up.

  3. I think it's never too early for pumpkin anything...but how bout we make them up and have a feast..."AFTER BAHAMAS BABY!!!"

    <3 Tara

  4. Claire is so hospital chic!