Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Inaugural Ascent

As I was navigating the aisles of Walmart on Sunday, Noah was navigating his first 14er.

As in his first 14,065 foot mountain.

As in a ginormous piece of rock that LITERALLY divides the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Or at least it's water flow, anyway.

What the heck.

Apparently, he loved every minute of it. He even asked me when I was going to climb a 14er.

I said, "never."

He looked at me like I was ridiculous.

Here he is navigating the boulder field.  You know, a typical thing to do on a Sunday.

And here he is with the ladies. He is such a charmer. Apparently he was a big hit on the trail.

He said he was ready to go again. In fact, he wants to climb all fifty-something 14ers that this glorious state has to offer.

I blame his dad.


  1. Those pictures are amazing! I love the one of him by himself looking over the mountains! Cool! You are such a great auntie!

    1. Thanks, Abby! I would be an even greater aunt if I would hike with him, but alas, God did not make me that way. :)