Thursday, August 16, 2012

2nd Grade and Beyond

So, this kid started 2nd grade yesterday.


I know, I am so confused.

How can this squishy baby be in 2nd grade? How can this little tub-o-goodness be walking around with a big kid backpack, saying things like "Actually, Sarah, Pluto is no longer a planet."

What in the world is going on, both with this kid and our solar system??

Oh that's right, apparently the hands of time have not stopped and some brilliant scientist decided to demote Pluto. And that cuddly nugget-o-sweetness looks like this:

He has grown approximately 4.3 feet this summer and he has big, gangly grown-up teeth. And he likes to have me smell his feet.

Boys. So very weird.

And when I asked him to take a picture with me on his very first day of 2nd grade, he looked like this:

It appears the teenage angst has bitten him early. Or maybe he is finally starting to realize just how loony his aunt really is.

Either way, he better get used to me. Looniness is just part of my charm and I plan on showing up to every birthday, milestone and event for the rest of his life. Every single one.

It's a good thing aunts can't be demoted.


  1. 1) Your bangs look even better today - you should keep them forever

    2) Love your red pants and your super cool shoes.

    3) You look so thin! : ) Well done treadmill mama.

  2. Awww so sweet. Noah will be the best 2nd grader ever! And goodness, that first pic is too cute for words.