Monday, March 5, 2012

Student Body President

A few weeks ago, those in charge at Camp Alamosa received word from those in charge of our national security (or something like that) that each camp needs to have a representative from within the camper population to represent their ideas, complaints and suggestions to the governing board. Perhaps the powers-that-be realized that things could be improved and greater transformation could occur with some insider input. Or maybe this is just a mandate they reluctantly have to follow. I don't know.

However, after a vote of 99 to 2, guess who was elected?

Drum roll, please.

My Dad! That's right, my Dad was voted in as the camper representative, or as I like to call him, the new Student Body President of Camp Alamosa. The other two votes were made by a guy who nominated himself and his friend who voted for him. You do have to admire his loyalty.

Whether or not this new role will actually be utilized has yet to be determined but I am proud that the men that my Dad has spent the last four months with admire and trust him enough to vote him in to this position.

Apparently popularity still counts outside of high school.

Darn it.

And in more current news, look who hung out this weekend:

The Student Body President and his campaign committee.


  1. did he make posters? Was there a debate? What were the key issues? Was the other guy and his single supporter against donuts at Christmas?

    1. He did not have posters, only buttons. And the key issues were more hot water and better cafeteria food. And I am pretty sure the other guy and his supporter are Lamar's fans, not Krispy Kreme.

      Politics are so brutal.

  2. And I thought Super Tuesday was going to be the highlight of my political news this week. Good choice, Campers!