Friday, March 23, 2012

The Great Set-Up: Part 2

Hello friends! I am here to report that I am still in Colorado. I know that I should be on the road driving through the nightmare that is Kansas right now, but apparently I am not Superwoman and could not get everything accomplished I needed to before Monday.

I hate when my limits and lack of ability slap me in the face. Apparently my expectations of myself greatly exceeded what I was actually capable of doing. And at the end of the day yesterday, I was disappointed that I couldn't be all and do all.

But then God reminded me that that was His job, not mine.

Forehead slap.

Apparently it takes me leaving the country to realize that. Stupid short-term memory. But I will say that I am thankful to have an extra three days to do laundry and sleep and maybe finish this grant proposal. And all of those things are important.

Now, on to other news...

I am sure you all are anxious to know about the blind date (or maybe not, I don't know). But after weeks of promoting, marketing, questioning, resumé-submitting, faxing and phone-calling, my Aunt Marge called me to say that...

...he has a girlfriend.

Yep. A girlfriend. And all I can say to that is PRAISE THE GOOD LORD for the vetting process because that could have been EXTREMELY AWKWARD. Even more than just a normal blind date and we all know how ridiculous those can be. So it turned out that postponing this trip had absolutely no impact on my love life, or lack there-of.



My Aunt Marge has not given up. She is a woman on a mission and I love her even more for it! She now has her sights (quite literally) set on her opthamologist. She has even sent me the link to see his work's website so I can see his picture, although I admit I have not had time to do this yet. But I plan to before I leave on Monday. And now that it looks like we will be going to Oklahoma in April, this gives her plenty of time to vet him properly. This is going to be good, I just know it!

So I promise I will keep you posted on this, my piles of laundry and my travels in the next few weeks! I don't know how reliable my internet connection will be but I will do my best to show you all the sights and sounds that North Africa has to offer. My peanut butter and I are looking forward to it.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I hate that I can't do it all, too. And you're right--it takes leaving the country to figure that out sometimes . . . or for me it takes that or getting sick. I think I should choose leaving the country more often.

    Good choices, friend.

    And 3 cheers for Aunt Marge!