Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Am Trying to Conserve My Energy

In an effort to try to conserve energy amidst my craziness, I have copied and pasted my blog post from yesterday along with an update. I realize I may have hit a new low in the blogging world with copying and pasting, but I do it to bring you closure because you all know how important closure is to me. It is darn important.

So, here we go. Prepare to be amazed.

1. Fix a zipper on one of my favorite pairs of shoes.
Thanks to my fabulous friend Melissa (more on her in a minute), I have taken said shoe to the repair people near Yogurtland and it should be ready on Saturday. However, since I will be in the great state of Oklahoma, my darling sister Claire will pick it up for me. I know getting a shoe fixed is really not that big of a deal, but I like this shoe, especially for travel. I can honestly tell you that my entire trip is based around shoe choices. They are crucial to a good travel experience.

2. Fix my car that is now leaking oil.
I took my car in to the repairman after work yesterday and they just called to say that it will be ready after 4:00 pm. Oh, this is really good news! I am not ashamed to admit that I am completely dependent on my car.

3. Pack for two trips.
Nope. Haven't started.

4. Write a grant proposal.
I am knee-deep into this process right now. I admit, grant proposals are not my fave but they are oh-so important. And there are some amazing fruit farmers in Central Asia who could really use this funding.

5. Get my foot x-rayed.
I did and I am happy to report that it is NOT BROKEN!! Bust out the good stuff because this is cause for celebration! It was a bit touch-and-go before the x-rays came back and my doc was throwing words around like "walking boot" and "cast" and it made me want to curl up into a ball and cry. But thankfully it is just a bad sprain and I have permission to hobble around Tunisia.

6. Finish making 30 enchiladas for friends that I love and adore.
People, I love to cook and bake. And since I was car-less last night, I spent the entire evening making enchiladas and these smack-yo-mama dessert bars that are out of this world. I have three amazing friends who are having babies and enchiladas are the perfect baby food. And to make my night even better, one of these sweet preggo friends (the aforementioned Melissa) texted me to say that her baby boy had entered this world just before midnight! I already love him with my whole heart. And once I get my car, I'm off to snuggle with him and smell his head.

7. Finalize a blind date.
My Aunt Marge just left me a voicemail about this so-called blind date. This makes me nervous. I'll have to call her and get back to you.

8. Scrub out my crock pot.
I did. It is sparkling. And thank you Sara for volunteering. You rock.

9. Buy a few shirts.
I literally limped quickly through Target yesterday and found two shirts but I am taking one of them back. The other one I am currently wearng because I feel like I have absolutely NO CLOTHES. Oh, the drama.

10. Pick up a prescription of Ambien.
This will hopefully happen after work once my car is ready to go. I plan on sleeping the entire width of the Atlantic Ocean. I may even snuggle with the person next to me. Let's hope he's cute.

11. Go to Oklahoma.
This will happen in T-minus 2 days.

12. Go to Tunisia.
This will happen in T-minus 5 days.

13. Eat.
This is an ongoing process. I ate cookie dough for dinner last night. True story. And it was delicious.

14. Sleep.
I could use more of this. I am hoping the Ambien will help.

15. Maybe cry.
This still eludes me. I am naturally not a crier but I may have to bust this out soon. A good cry is so cleansing, don't you think?

Hopefully you are still awake after reading this. Thank you to all who have volunteered to help me. Seriously, you are so wonderful. I know my life isn't the only one that is crazy right now, but it sure makes it better when people volunteer to clean your crock pot.

That could almost be a country song.


  1. Sounds like you were a productive gal last night!! Go Sarah! :) Hope the trend continues, that you have a great trip to OK and across the sea. Can't wait to catch up with you on the flip side!!!

  2. Nothing like the smell of fresh baby. :)

    The Seester