Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Repeat: I Am Not Swimsuit Ready

I just got word today that this is where I will be staying for part of my time in Tunisia.


I can barely hobble down the sidewalk let alone strut around in a swimsuit. And for the record, I have never "strutted." I am more of a cowerer. I am sure everyone will thank me for this since I have practically eaten my way through this winter.

Well, the upside is that the Mediterranean does look especially appealing. And who knew Tunisia had water slides and paragliding? It's almost like I am taking a trip to Disneyland and not some post-revolutionary Arabic country.

These things truly boggle my mind.


  1. If you zoom in on the picture, all the people at the pool have AK-47's under their lounge chairs and those are paratroopers and not paragliders. Just kidding! I am allowed to joke about that because I am....

    ...The WP.

    Remind me sometime to show you my picture of a shepherd leading his huge flock of sheep across a road in Amman... right in front of the Starbucks drive-thru.

    1. WP,
      This is the funniest comment ever!! LOL! Only you could write this. And yes, I would love to see your picture.

  2. Wow, um. This is gorgeous!!!

  3. Catching up on reading your blog -- Yes, funniest comment ever above about the zoom/AK-47's. Hope all goes well with the blind date. Too bad about your ankle - hope you are on the mend because I think if this guy turns out to be the real deal, you may just want to charm him with some salsa dancing. Too, too funny about all the photo and resume swapping involved. (I think you should ask to see his medical records, too. Just sayin'...)