Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FC Flashback: "Baton Twirling"

For a girl from northwest Oklahoma, baton twirling was a very big deal in 1984. A very. big. deal. It represented sparkly outfits, amazing agility and pink Tinkerbell lipstick. I knew that I was destined to be a baton twirler.

With that said, I took one amazing and semi-terrifying lesson. All four-year old girls who had dreams of marching in the OU band and flinging batons in the air showed up one afternoon and for an hour we twirled our hearts out to the tunes of the Micky Mouse Club.

It was a girly utopia.

However, after a few wayward batons to the head from less-skilled twirlers, I realized that I was more of a self-taught baton twirler. It was safer that way. So I put on my favorite outfit and worked my magic.
Exhibit A:

What is not to love about this dress? It was big, blue, flouncy and had ruffles in all the right places. I also loved my red shoes. Red shoes must be in my DNA.

My cousin Becky (Hi Bec!) is nine months older than me and I thought she was the coolest person alive. Still do. Becky once told me that when she was born my parents took one look at her and thought they needed one just like her. And nine months later, I was born.

I love that story.

Now Claire on the other hand, is like some cute little woodsy creature. Like a fairy or wood nymph, whatever that is. And don't you think she looks just like the girl in My Girl?

Seriously. Maybe this is my long-lost sister. Or maybe Claire was adopted.

We will never know.


  1. I was adpoted?!

  2. I think I've seen that same facial expression several times over in recent years...
    Love the grip you have on the baton. Were you afraid Becky or Claire might steal it from you?

  3. Y'all are some cutie patooties!!!!!!

  4. I want to know what Claire was reading. She looks very attached to that book...

  5. I'm just really bummed that you gave up on this dream. You had so much potential and such an amazing dress and necklace. Claire is hilarious in every picture. Her hair looks so put together. This must have been before her crazy hair tree climbing days.


  6. Love these trips down memory lane, Sarah!

  7. You all are so funny! And yes Mel, my baton was very precious to me. Rach, yes this was before Claire's tree habitation years. We try not talk about it. :) And EB - I have no idea what she was reading but it does look fascinating, doesn't it?

  8. Good times:)


  9. P.S. Thanks for not commenting on my outfit;)