Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Overdue Home Tour

Do you remember waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in August when I discussed my need to redecorate yet had absolutely no skill or money to do so?

Or do you remember when my 50 pound mirror did a back-flip off the mantle and nearly decapitated my sister?


Darn it.

Well, just click on "Casa Bonita" on the right if you need a refresher.

As a way to bring some closure to this process, I thought I would give you a few snapshots of our newly redecorated pad. I know you have needed closure. It's why I am here. It is what I do.

First, I started off by printing some of the 8,340 pictures I have taken in the past year (again, big kudos to the man in short brown shorts). I love them. The frames were some I reused and others that I found on HUGE sale at Michael's.

This was my most expensive purchase of the extreme home makeover. We have this huge wall in our house that was empty, therefore a big honkin' piece of art was in order.

SIDE NOTE: "Big honkin'" is a technical term I like to use often. It makes me sound more professional.

Then came the mantle. Mantles give me 17 different kinds of anxiety because they are usually such a focal point in your home. I avoided decorating ours until the very end. But once I found a fabulous lamp that fit perfectly, an owl statue that makes me smile and a few framed photos that I took in Petra, my vision came together.

I love this guy.

Next up: accessories. Any good home needs them. Noah took this picture of the three of us this summer. That kid is a genius, I tell you. And the peace sign? Well, that belongs to the Seester who has a hidden hippie alter-ego. I think it works.

My favorite find of this process was this table on Craig's List. The listing price was $50 but they sold it to me for $35. Did you get that? $35! It was one humdinger of a deal! It is in excellent condition and comes with a leaf. Seriously.

And here is a view of our "dining room," which actually isn't a "room" because our whole floor plan is wide open except for bedrooms.

SIDE NOTE: I make all of my recipes on this table because of the natural sunlight. Subsequently, this means that I haul  my bowls, spoons, measuring cups, ingredients, mixers and tripod over just so my pictures come out pretty. Obsessive much?


So there you have it. That is just a glimpse into my home. Thanks for letting me share with you. If you would like a full tour then you will need to make an appointment. Hopefully no mirrors will fly off the wall to attack you.

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  1. I love your casa! It's so very comfy and stylish---just like it's inhabitants.