Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Like My Body Is Trying to Tell Me Something

Disclaimer: Enter at your own risk.

Last Friday I woke up with that tell-tale sign of a sore throat and overall lack of feeling spunky. So I loaded up on vitamin C and tried to figure out a way to take a nap during work. By Saturday morning, it was a full-blown (no pun intended) cold that makes you want to ask Santa for a new sinus cavity. I stayed home from a fabulous Christmas party, church, a gift-wrapping party held by my church and spent most of my time horizontal and watching re-runs of 24.

Oh how I miss Jack Bauer.

By Sunday night, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired but knew another day home to rest was needed if I was going to finish my work week strong.

However, nothing could have prepared me for what happened next: I entered the 14th Circle of Hades.

Or as some like to call it: the stomach flu.

Since this is a family-friendly blog, I will keep my graphic details to a minimum, but suffice it to say there was one point in the night when it was just easier to lie down in the shower than it was to make my way back to bed. I also pondered the meaning of life, my purpose for living and whether or not I really wanted to continue in this world. At one point I wanted to yell "I have nothing left to give!" It was brutal.

As I type this, I am sipping carbonated water through a straw and praying that I will never see it again.

I have also realized that this is my third time to be sick this year. THIRD. TIME. And I'm talking flat on your back, death warmed over, it hurts to blink kind of sick. There was the fun-filled week back in March, there was my recent bout with bronchitis in October, and now here I am fighting off Satan's demons one saltine cracker at a time. And each time I realize that there is a common denominator: I overdo it with my schedule.

I admit it, I am a people pleaser. I am a "yes" girl. I am also extroverted and love all things social, especially around the holidays. I also occasionally put in very long weeks at work, stay up late baking for no reason at all, choose to watch re-runs of any show that is on TV instead of going to bed, and fill up my weekends with things that sound fun at the time. However, this has to stop because as I am witnessing at THIS VERY MOMENT that my quality of life is not as good as it could be.

So, for 2011, my goal is to say "no" more often. To think twice about staying up late. To not overbook my weekends so I have time to catch up on laundry (yeah, right). And to enjoy the time I do spend with people to the fullest. You will have to help me with this. You will have to help me say "no." I may try to argue with you, but stand firm, peeps. This is practically a life and near-death situation.

Because in all honesty, I never want to see another Oreo ball as long as I live. And if I don't get help, what will be next? Peanut Butter?

Let's not talk about that.


  1. Just say no. Boundaries are a good thing. And I hope you feel better soon, Seester. Love you!

    - The Seester

  2. That "no" word is so difficult. I have first hand experience with that. I can't imagine that you've really sworn off before I've had one. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope you feel better soon so you can start practicing saying No!! And other things. :)

  4. I hear ya- I have the tendancy to overdo by not saying no. Sorry you are feeling yucky - hoping for a speedy recovery and a return of your love for Oreo balls (there's rumor that the company won't make it if you stop buying their product!). :)

  5. Well I'm glad you are almost feeling better now. Wow, what a weekend for you. I wouldn't want to know what the 15th Circle of Hades would be like. There are only so many oreo balls that can be eaten. There needs to be a limit (although they sound delicious right now). I'm glad satan's demons did not overtake you for good so that you can still open your presents.