Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blogging about Peanut Butter

Hey Friends! I am guest blogging for my wonderful friend Sheryl who recently had foot surgery. You should TOTALLY check it out because I talk about peanut butter and stretchy pants.

And stay tuned to her blog, she writes about the coolest places and people in the world!

Here are Sheryl and I in Rabat, Morocco. Don't you love how we match?

Thanks for the privilege, Sheryl! Feel better soon!


  1. LOL - if I had to guess what you would guest blog about, peanut butter would definately have made the list!!!

    And yes, I love your matching outfits... also with the wall! :)

  2. We totally planned it, Kel. I called ahead to see what the latest color trend was in Morocco. It is just the kind of girl I am. :)

  3. Thanks for blogging for me . . . and for fighting the system that blocks and locks all emails. Since we have matching outfits with that wall, perhaps we could be the Caped Crusaders . . . or the Mantled Moroccans (that would really throw people as to our true identities!) . . . or the Blanketed Bloggers. Your choice. :)