Monday, December 13, 2010

A List: Hoodlums, Mouthguards and First Dates

Hello world! I have returned to the land of the living and am now back in a normal routine of working, socializing, gallivanting, baking, running, Christmas-ing, shopping, Hulu-ing and sleeping. The meetings were a huge success and we managed to get through an entire week without any fist fights, which has never actually happened before but I just thought I would write that so you might think we are a pack of hoodlums who want to bring the love of Jesus to the world.

Humanitarian Hoodlums should be the name of our organization. I oversee communications, I could make that happen.

I digress.

In order to get my thoughts and life put in order once again, I have come up with a list of the many, many random things that are on my mind. Try not to be overwhelmed.

1. Tomorrow is supposed to be 67 degrees. Did you get that? 6-7. I think I may go ask my condo manager to open the pool.

2. I am wearing a purple sweater today. I am totally digging purple these days.

3. I had zero clothes to wear this weekend. Then I discovered they were all in my dirty clothes hamper. I have no idea how they got there because I could have sworn I was paying Claire to wash them for me. I may have to fire her.

4. I have two sore shoulders. My right one only works if I raise my arm to the side. My left one only works if I raise my arm to the front. This makes fixing my hair very, very interesting. I am thinking I need to get this checked out, otherwise I'll probably be running like Phoebe with her arms straight down at her side. That will be awesome and awkward at the same time.

5. Claire and I decorated our condo this weekend. It is both tasteful and understated...which actually means we tried to decorate as cheaply as possible and thus raided my mom's decorations box that has both tasteful and understated decorations.

6. I still have a pumpkin in my living room.

7. I made 3,209 Oreo Balls this weekend. I may or may not have eaten most of them.

8. My roommate and I are watching a Christmas movie every week. This week: White Christmas. We may have to bust out "Sisters." You are invited to watch it with us be we will be charging admission for the live show.

9. I have to go to the dentist today to get fitted for a mouth guard. Apparently I need to look like a hockey player while I sleep because I have the terrible habit of clenching and grinding my teeth. Potential suitors are already lining up outside my door.

10. I am thinking of doing a series, much to the encouragement of my friend Melissa, about awkward first dates. Raise your hand if you have had one or forty? Awesome. If you would like to submit an account of an awkward first date, I will be happy to post it on my blog for the world to read. I am hoping this is a very therapeutic process for all of us.

11. Merry Christmas.

12. The End.


  1. Random thoughts are my favorites. When my sister and I talk on the phone with each other, that's pretty much what our conversation is based on. Mostly because we keep getting interrupted by little people, but I digress...
    Glad you are back into the normal schedule. And you have inspired me to bust out some serious Oreo balls for the holiday season to share with family and friends... or for supper just for me. :)

  2. What if it wasn't a first date, but it was still awkward? Does that count?

    PS - thanks for making oreo balls.

  3. Kel - Random convos with sisters are the best. And good luck with the Oreo Balls - they are addicting.

    Anonymous (a.k.a. my sister) Yes Claire, you can write about any awkward date. And you are welcome.

  4. Humanitarian Hoodlums would look good on a tshirt

  5. I agree with Sara. Maybe you could get them T-shirts for Christmas? Or for New Years since most of the rest of the world likes gift giving on that holiday.

    Oh. I've got a story. Hopefully I'll have a few extra moments in the next few weeks to write it down for you.

  6. White Christmas is a fantastic choice!! We went and saw it in the theater last night :) Pretty fun on the big screen!

    Mandy <><