Tuesday, January 10, 2012

32 Things

I turned the big 3-2 yesterday! You know, the birthday where you realize you are well into your 30's but you are still in denial that you are not in your 20's? Yep, that's the one.

So in honor of this underwhelming milestone, I have come up with 32 things I would like to do this year! If you have a minute or twenty, this is the post for you. Some are fun, some are serious, and some are life-changing. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Eat more fish. I have never liked seafood but I am learning to like salmon. And perhaps if salmon doesn't taste too bad, then other slimy water-dwelling creatures don't taste half-bad either. Let's hope so.

2. Wear shorts. This was a goal last year that fell short when I rediscovered cream cheese frosting. But I am determined to overcome that current obsession.

3. Travel to a new country. Tunisia, Egypt, New Zealand, Peru and Cyprus all sound exciting right now.

4. Renew my passport so I can travel to a new country.

5. Have regular quiet time in the mornings. This is so hard for me but it makes such a huge difference in my day.

6. Highlight my hair. Granted, this can be difficult with hair as dark as mine but I am thinking it is time to spruce it up a little. Besides, I am tired of plucking out gray hairs with my tweezers.

7. Take a road trip or four. I live for the open highway and a box of Crunch 'n' Munch.

8. Save more money. There is something so rewarding about not spending money.

9. Do yoga regularly.

10. Donate or throw away things that I do not use or do not wear. After moving last week, the last thing I want to do is haul that stuff around again.

11. Fall in love. It's just time, people.

12. Give myself more grace. God pours it out but I often refuse it. I need to embrace it, forgive myself and move on.

13. Play more golf. And that means more than just the driving range.

14. Wear heels more often. They do wonders for your butt.

15. Set better boundaries. I am really working on this but boundaries can quickly become blurred. As my sister says "own your yard," meaning I don't need to take care of your yard and my yard and my neighbor's yard and everyone else's yard. My yard is big enough, thank you.

16. Take better care of my skin. It's a bit parched these days.

17. Be more spontaneous. This is so darn tricky for me because I love to plan! And planned spontaneity does not count. So, give me a holler and ask me to do something. I'll do my best to not bring my planner along with me.

18. Attempt to wear leggings. Oh gosh, this could be disastrous.

19. Listen to Noah. Soak up his stories, his theories on life, his imagination and his advice for my love life (oh, believe me, he has them). He is growing up so fast.

20. Be more bold. And this includes my actions, my words, my stance on what I believe, my fashion choices and lipstick color.

21. Get some muscle definition. Apparently I lost my muscles over the Christmas season.

22. See more of my extended family. And that means you Becky, Matt, Jenny, Charley, Kellie, Nathan, Sherri, Edwin, Tammy, Duwayne, Rick, Kim, Diane, Terry, Lori, Thad, Spencer, Amy, Alan, Carolyn, Bruce, Chelsea, Katie, Vadim, McKenzie, Kristen, Chad, Marge, Larry, Dedra, Dale, Donna, Don, DeLynn, Linda, Mike, Tim, Kathy, Shane, Erica, John, Jenny, Patricia, Tyler, Ryan, Pamela and the two sets of twins. Plus the other 28,480 that I did not mention.

23. Be radical for Jesus. I am not sure what this looks like but I'm game.

24. Sleep more. Yes, please.

25. Laugh more. Yes, please.

26.  Exercise more. My treadmill and I have been estranged, it's time to rekindle the relationship.

27. Bake more. Yes, please.

28. Be less judgemental. Camp Alamosa is really helping with this.

29. Stop obsessing over my appearance. Give it a rest, Sarah. Give it a rest.

30. Bake homemade bread. I am still afraid of yeast but I think this is the year to conquer it. Fingers crossed.

31. Be less fearful of failure, pain, disappointment, embarrassment and vulnerability. Come to terms with the fact that I DO NOT have it all together.

32. Be a guest host on Saturday Night Live.

Oh boy. There you have it, 32 goals for year 32.  Did you make any goals for this new year? Are you 32 and thriving? I surely hope so!


  1. You will be an AMAZING bread baker! You're an incredible cook and you can totally conquer the yeast. Play with it. Mess up. Learn from it. Then rock the socks off of it.

    You're so brave for trying to like seafood. I can't even get past the smell, let alone the texture and taste...ick.

    Speaking of brave...heels?! Wow. Super impressive. I view them more as feet destroyers, but, fortunately, I'm tall and people tell me not the wear them anyways. Phew.

    You're amazing. Every blog you post, I learn from you. I seriously wish I'd met you all those years ago when my sister lived with your sister.

  2. LOVE them all and love you too!! So excited I made the list so now come visit us ok!!

  3. I am your biggest fan and love you more than I can say. Go conquer this world, Sarah.

    - Your Seester

  4. #33. Continue blogging!

    And on #6, I urge caution! Your hair color is so beautiful and dramatic with those blue eyes of yours. Maybe a rinse or a matching color to cover the gray -- Otherwise, seek mucho prayer before highlighting.

  5. I do bread. Will travel. :0)

  6. Wow! You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

    Becky - I wish I had met you too! Good thing we are friends now. :)

    Tammy - I hope I see you soon. I miss you tons!

    Seester - You are an awesome cheerleader!

    Shelley - thank you for the advice about my hair. Coloring can be so tricky.

    Nadine - You should just travel on over to my place and teach me. :)

  7. I agree with Shelley about your hair. You're stunning. Even if you think your skin is parched . . . you're just stunning. Don't do too much to mess with stunning.

    Great list. I'll go to NY with you for #32. :) How about Thailand in November?

  8. EASY! I've got it all figured, basically all you need is an overly elaborate road trip.

    Sponatneous (#17) (Road trip (#7) to Canada or Mexico (#3/4). Along the way give clothing (#10) to each and every corner dweller holding a cardboard sign.

    Obviously a roadtrip would be lame on your own (#19, #25), and a roadtrip past many relatives will work just fine (#22)

    Mexico will be perfect as its known for its resort life, which will enable golfing (#13) combined with yoga (#9/#18), which having watched the precise movements needed for a correct golf swing I think will be a fine combination. Golf is also a perfect time for a little quiet introspection and communing with nature and its creator (#5).

    Golfing is in turn perfect for the type of odd outfit that will fit all your requirements; shorts (#2) with leggings (#18) and high heels (#14) modified with golfing cleats (#13).

    Mexico, also close to the beach, and the best seafood (#1) is always near a beach.

    Mexico, also known for being cheap (#8).

    Mexico resort vacation, if any chick flicks are to be beleived will be perfect for falling in love (#11). Chick flicks also include a makeover, most likely done in musical montage (#6, #16, #21, #26, and somehow #29)

    You'll just have to roll the dice on numbers 12, 15, 20, 24, 27, 28, 30 and 31, but somehow based on my prior assertions I feel somehow Mexico is the answer.

    #32, well thats easy, write about the trip, get it turned into a movie with Julie Roberts playing the part of you.

    1. I am at a loss for words on your thoroughness. Well done!