Friday, April 12, 2013

A Long-Awaited Friday

I almost didn't think Friday would come this week. I am pretty sure I thought it would be Thursday forever.

But guess what?! I was dead wrong.

Sometimes I love when that happens.

In honor of a new day with new promises, I have a list for you. Stand back.

1. I am wearing this shirt today. I am kind of in love with it. It is from Target, otherwise known as the Great Vortex of Everything I Never Knew I Needed.


2.Tonight, I am going to try out Justin Timberlake's restaurant, Southern Hospitality, with my girl Sara. I cannot tell you how excited I am for some brisket and ribs. You got to hand it to JT for bringing sexy back to the wet towelette.

3. I ate chips for dinner last night followed by an ice cream sundae. Sometimes you just need to.

4. Yesterday, after I had spent 20 minutes talking to my boss, I discovered a piece of broccoli resting gently in the folds of my turtleneck. Will the awkwardness ever end?

5. This boy. I just can't handle it.

Since when did he turn 24 and start coming his hair like Miami Vice?

On that hairy note, Happy Friday to you.


  1. Can't wait to hear about JT's restaurant.

    Noah's hair rocks!

    Am laughing out loud regarding the broccoli-in-turtleneck scenario. We've all been there! Doubt that the boss noticed or possibly he thought it was a new trendy accessory. You know like "farm to table" dining, it's farm to lapel fashion. ;)

  2. Had so much fun with you last night!!! I'm still thinking about those hush puppies!!!!! :)

  3. Love the top! You would be beautiful in that. I think I'm heading to Target today to find whatever it is I don't need! Do tell about JT's restaurant??

  4. P.S. so I did go to Target and brought home a donut maker. Yep, sure needed that, didn't I?

  5. Um donut maker? I wanna come over! :)

  6. I know, a donut maker? Yes, please!!

  7. Amen to the long week.
    1. Adore Target. Wore two new things. Called you one morning to be sure that I "looked" all right. (That was much easier when you were just across the living room/kitchen).
    2. Um, yum! Have you heard his "Suit and Tie" new song?
    3. Bring me one.
    4. Did you eat it? And you can call it an accessory. It's the new trend. You Blair Waldorf you.
    5. Seriously. I love this kid so much. And he is just so cute. I want to scoop him up and cuddle him and not let him get any taller. Ain't gonna happen.

    The Seester

  8. Yes, Target. Our new house is only 10 minutes from Super Target. The only thing closer is Wal-Mart and, well, let's just not talk about that. Today I bought a maxi dress that was above my normal spending limit (self imposed - Mike is not THAT kind of husband :)). But I promise myself I will wear it at least 30 times this summer. Maybe to JTs new restaurant because Mike even knows I have a crush on him. so glad you tried it out so I can show him your review before we go. :)