Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Her First Birthday Butterflies

I have these amazing friends who hired me to bake for their little girl's first birthday. They supplied me with these amazing edible butterflies that took these cupcakes and her little smash cake over the top!

Couldn't you just die?!

(Please don't.)

The butterflies make ordinary cupcakes look magical!

I kind of want to order some for myself. You know, for my 34th birthday.

I love the detail on this one.

And this sweet little cake? Well, I could just stick a fork in it myself and eat the whole thing.

It's like a heavenly cloud of cream cheese frosting. Amen.

They almost look like they are ready to take flight.

Every girl should have edible pastel butterflies for their birthday.

Thank you Naseem and Jami for letting me celebrate with your little one! Feel free to send me leftovers.

Just kidding.

Sort of. 


  1. Those are not ordinary cupcakes! Love the way you piped on the frosting. HT

  2. Pretty pretty cupcakes for a pretty lil gal!!!

  3. We LOVED the cupcakes, Sarah! They were gorgeous! You are the best! As for leftovers... I'm afraid I don't share when it comes to your vanilla bean buttercream frosting. :)Kaiden ate half of the very last cupcake & the rest of it was in the refrigerator... I ate it without hesitation (I knew he'd forget about it). Sad but true. I'm stealing from my 3 year old. They're just that good!

  4. Beautiful piping and gorgeous edible butterflies!!