Monday, April 1, 2013

Good Monday Morning

Hello peeps (and no, not the marshmallow kind)!

Today is the day where all things pastel and sugary are thrown into the garbage, never to be seen again. Not even an evening binge and the very strong desire to pilfer through the trash will bring those suckers back into my home. It is time to focus on summer and trying not to actually look like an inflated, chocolate-covered version of myself.

Speaking of which, that would not be pretty. Nope.

Easter around my house was blissful. March was not the easiest month. In fact, I am really happy to see it leave. But this past weekend was filled with things I had been craving: stability, rest and comfort. My dad was able to come home for the weekend, the first time since Christmas. His time went by way too fast but there are no words to express how much peace his presence brings. For a few hours, there was a sense of normalcy. I'll take that any day.

We also ate a lot of bacon.

And I watched a Duck Dynasty marathon. Nothing says Resurrection Sunday quite like Phil Robertson preaching the Word in camouflage. Hands down, that could be my favorite show on TV right now. And call me crazy, but I think I could marry a man with beard. But then again, that could just be the sugar detox talking.

I have also found a new nail polish color that I am just LOVING. It is currently on my toes and if it weren't for the snow/rain/hail/sunshine mix we are forecasted for today, I would be wearing some sort of sandal just to show them off. It is called "Brisk Blue" and it is summer in a bottle:

I implore you buy this. In the insightful words of Uncle Si, it will make you happy, happy, happy.

Yeah, perhaps I need a camouflage detox too.

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  1. I bought that blue for my toes too! It helps me remember not to take myself too seriously =) HT