Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Mainframe is Fried

And hello to you.

Not that this has even a smidgen of an impact on your day, but I have been having computer problems like it is 1994. My hard drive at worked totally crashed. The back-up laptop won't allow me to check my corporate email. The back-up hard drive won't accept my login. So the only alternative has been to use my iPhone, which worked until the battery ran out and I had to sit in my car in the parking lot to charge it.


With that said, I appear to be up and limping running today. In the grand scheme of things, a crashed computer is not even a blip on the radar. But sometimes, when your work and often your support system is completely connected to technology, being without it almost seems as though I have lost a family member, like a second cousin or something.

Speaking of cousins, I miss mine. It has been YEARS since I have seen any of them. Truly, years. My trips to Alamosa have consumed free weekends when I could have spent them in Oklahoma, otherwise known as "God's Country." Thankfully, the aforementioned technology keeps us in touch, making them all seem a little bit closer than they really are.

However, just in case there is any confusion or perhaps you have not felt particularly included lately, dear cousins, let me set the record straight: YOU ARE INVITED TO COME HERE. I will promise you good food and excellent company. And you are free to wear only stretchy pants during your visit. Consider this your evite forever.

Now, onto the weather.

Even though it is supposed to start snowing again tonight (WHAT THE HECK, GLOBAL WARMING?!), this past weekend was absolutely divine! Not only did I freckle like a three-day old banana, I also got a farmer sunburn that will look particularly lovely in a tank top. Apparently there is a reason why the Irish live on an island where it rains all the time. Our skin just can't handle direct sunlight. We're like vampires, only with much cooler accents and normal.

And lastly, I am addicted to mangoes on Greek yogurt. I sprinkle a little cinnamon, a handful of walnuts and natural sweetener on mine and then I inhale it. It is so delicious. I encourage you to try it sometime. If you do not have access to fresh mangoes, any fruit will do. It's like summer in a bowl.

And now, I must try to find my email so I can connect to our server so I can re-route my mainframe to the millennium falcon. Wish me luck.

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  1. I swear, you are so funny! Godspeed on the Millenium Falcon!