Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In Other News

I am happy to report that the fire drill went off without a hitch or an actual fire. No cats were thrown into the ceiling tiles, no vending machines were vandalized and no overhead projectors were thrown out windows.

It was civilized, underwhelming and safe, which is kind of what my hair looks like today.

I would also like to report to you that very little action has occurred in the online dating world. While my handlers are hard at work, the pickings are slim. Some may call this "picky," but I call this long-term mental health. I only decided to do this for a month and we are almost half-way through, but here is hoping that things will pick up. I could really use a free cup of coffee.

Do you want to hear something awesome? Of course you do! My brother is taking my darling nephew to Disney World for his fall break. They left today. Oh, how glorious it is to be seven years-old.

Back in May, I posted this picture of the view out of my office window. I was a little bummed that they decided to build something directly in front of my view of the mountains but hopeful it would only be a parking lot or something low to the ground.

I was wrong.

Today, my view looks like this:

I realize this is a first-world problem, but now I have nothing but building material to look at when I decide to be less productive at work.

And lastly, to all those who do not live in the Denver area, be very thankful. The presidential debate tonight is being held at my alma mater and let's just say that traffic is going to be less than stellar. On the news last night, I saw someone driving on the sidewalk because they could not get to their house.

Really, political people? Do you think shutting down our major highways is going to get us to vote for you?

I am rooting for everyone to work from home this afternoon and for both campaigns to pay for ice cream for the entire city.

That only seems fair.


  1. Have a great weekend Sarah!

    By the way, do you have a menu of Frustrated Baker baked goods? It'd be good for us to have on hand.

    The WP Family

  2. WP and Family,
    I am working on a menu and will post it on my blog this week!! :) You are the best.