Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The GDE: Communication Gems

Since my date with Tex, I have been trying even harder at the online dating gig. I still do not enjoy it but I want to give it my all because if this doesn't work I don't want it to have been because of my lack of effort.
And if it does work, well then pigs will actually be flying.

Recently, I have had some seriously scary/funny conversations with a few of the guys on this site. I have decided to share a few of their questions or comments with you but also the responses I had in my head as I read them. Brace yourself, dear readers. These people are really real.

"Are you modest?" 

Fiscally? Fashionably? Romantically? I am confused. And a little weirded out by that question.

"Your eyes are like the Atlantic Ocean and I wish I could swim in them."

Please don't. My optometrist would not like that.

"Do you own any firearms?"

Uhh, do you?

"I have to let you know that I dance like the guy on Hitch."

We should totally get married. (And yes, I totally wrote him back.)

"Your profile gave me a smile so I am giving you one in fair exchange."

I don't know what that means. And I am currently not smiling.

"Hi, I appreciate the importance of Christianity in your life. If you would consider someone of my age, kindly write back."

I appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort, but I am not ready to date a 43 year old. I am pretty sure I just graduated high school.

Scary stuff, peeps. Scary stuff. Dating is literally survival of the fittest.

And...Happy Halloween to you!


  1. wow, just wow. Its online dating, meaning they have time to carefully craft their phrases, perhaps even google successful lines and this is what they come up with!? deeply concerning

  2. Yikes! The immage of someone swimming in your eyes just makes my scull hurt! I say people are single for a season or a reason. You, my friend, are in a season. These guys have major reasons! (except the dancing guy. that's just cute!)

  3. Ick.

    The Seester

  4. Clean your ear with a Q-Tip.....and throw it away.....

  5. So weird! Except for the dancing guy - you should definitely pursue a relationship with him :) Thanks for keeping us posted!

    Mandy <><