Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family Photo Shoot: The 'Rents

I realize you might be on family photo overload this week. I am sure you are ready for me to talk about cookie dough or glitter or something. But family photo shoots are as rare as me spending time on a treadmill these days so it is only natural that I give these photos their time in the spotlight.

Besides, I am a loss for what else to talk about. My brain is full of political ads and Halloween candy. It's hard to blog about that.

Exhibit D: The 'Rents

The difficulty of this past year pales in comparison to how strong these two really are. Somehow they keep going when the rest of us give up.

There is not greater example of marriage than these two.

There is also no greater example of coordinating your outfits than these two.

Way to rock it, parents.

They both look so happy and calm and...


The stealth bomber strikes again.

Someone get that kid a hobby.


  1. LOL - I think your mom knew something was going on beside her. That made me giggle. Good golly I miss you all.

    1. Kel,
      Yeah, she knew the photo bomber was there but my dad had no clue! So funny!! I miss you so much. SO SO much!