Friday, October 12, 2012

My Fall Fashion from Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual gold mine of ideas and inspirations this time of year. I find that any time the seasons change, I spend hours sifting through recipes, decorations and fashion trends.

Pinterest is also an excellent time waster and a perfect distraction when you are waiting for your online pseudo-boyfriends to cyber smile at you for the fifteenth time.

So, here are some of my latest finds in the fashion world. As you can see, I love feminine details, sparkle, and tailored clothing. I also love something funky thrown in, just to keep things unpredictable.

What are you loving from Pinterest these days?



  1. I'm just loving that my pre-baby jeans fit; that I have an amazing kitchen to cook/bake in; that it's actually cool enough to cook/bake; and that it's 74 days to Christmas!!!

  2. What am I not loving from Pinterest? Ha ha I love all the boots and sweater combos and yummy recipes! Yay Fall!! I love that heart sweater you have up there too!