Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Update on My Dad

I get this question often:"So Sarah, how's your dad?"

My dad, otherwise known as my most favorite guy who has been indefinitely detained for the past 170 days, is doing great! I know that my posts about Camp Alamosa have become less frequent and the shock of those days following October 24 has become less severe, but there isn't a moment that goes by that I am not thinking about him. And I know that is true for my entire family.

I have mentioned this before, but the Lord gave my dad a resilient spirit. I have never known someone who could face a trial of this magnitude and still see the hope of what is to come. I have struggled with despair and anxiety, but he has stood firm and trusted in One so much more powerful than a man-made judgement. On a daily basis, he amazes me.

I am pretty sure he should have his own theme music by this point.

I also get: "Hey Dellio, what's the latest from the court?"

After the transfer of our March 5 court date to the state supreme court, the only thing we could do was to file the paperwork required to have my dad transferred to Denver. This has been accomplished.

Also, over the past six weeks, my dad has officially graduated out of the facility, meaning he can live in an apartment in Alamosa, no longer having to sleep in the bottom bunk at camp. So, if he is transferred to Denver, he can live at home. As in his home. Own. Home. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?

The judicial system is so messed up.

So, we are now in a season of waiting. All of the paperwork has been filed. He has officially graduated out of camp. And the only thing left to do is to have the judge sign off on the transfer...the same judge who has presided over this case from the beginning. The same judge who sent my dad away to the middle of nowhere, Colorado. The same, stinkin' judge.

Dear Jesus, move mountains.

However, I know that this can all change in a minute. Seriously, any minute now. All we need is a signature, a silly, little signature. Shoot, I would be more than happy to send him a pen.

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  1. I will buy that judge a box of his favorite pens so that he can get onto signing that transfer ASAP. Come on now!!!!!

    Praying along with you that the mountains will move!!