Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Gem of El Jem

About an hour south of Sousse is a dusty little town called El Jem. Not only is it home to Herb the Wonder Camel, but it is also home to this beauty:

This colesseum is the third largest ever built and is the most well-preserved. It is quite impressive.

However, there is a solemness to this place considering this was once the scene of the original hunger games. It is a contradiction of how something that was so masterfully created could be used for such evil purposes.

I am sure there is a Biblical principle in there somewhere.

But there are glimpses of redemption in this place. It is now a place that brings an economic boost to post-revolutionary country.
It gives Hollywood a reason to hire Russell Crowe and make him lift weights.

It gives bloggers and other tourists like me an opportunity to remember those who suffered for the cause of the Church.

And it gives something for Herb to look at.

You should definitely visit this place if you ever happen to be Tunisia...since I know it is such hot spot for American tourists. Truly, it is a charming town with a cranky camel and a Goliath of a monument left for us to remember.