Monday, April 16, 2012

How Can It Be Monday?


I seriously need another weekend. This past one went by way too quickly and I found myself hitting snooze one too many times this morning. So, since my brainwaves are apparently misfiring, I have put this somewhat underwhelming blog post in a list format. Because that is the only thing that makes sense today.

1. I am still sick, people. Last week, after I had already missed two days of work and was tired of honking, I went to the doctor to see what kind of nuclear germ-bug-of-death had afflicted me. And when I told them that I had just been to Africa, they rushed me in right away. (This made me chuckle inside because unlike popular belief, Africa can be quite clean and civilized). Anyway, the results came back that I have a virus, which means BO DIDDLY because we all know that viruses cannot be killed with any form of wonderful medication. So, I continue to slowly heal and allow myself plenty of time to climb a flight of stairs.

2. It has been six months since Claire and Carr were married. Can you even believe it? Oh, the time. It flies. And for the record, they are still VERY MUCH in love.

3. I saw my Daddio yesterday. Noah, Sam, my mom and I all headed south, with stops at Krispy Kreme and Taco Bell, of course. And we went to Chili's and ate chips and salsa. You would almost think we were taking a gastronomical tour of southern Colorado, but I am a firm believer in being well-fed on any road trip. My dad is doing great, by the way, just working, waiting and praying.

4. I ordered a bridesmaids dress for Lizz's wedding and it should arrive today. We got to pick out our own black dresses, which beats pastel and poufy any day. My only concern is that it is not flashy enough for Vegas. I may have to borrow someone's Bedazzler if it isn't.

5. I really feel the urge to bake.

6. What is with the snow, Colorado??  Oh wait, it's spring.

7. On almost any given day, it is the birthday of one of my cousins. However, today two of my cousins are celebrating their birthdays. This is global domination in action. Feliz cumpleaños, peeps!

8. Has anyone seen the Hunger Games movie? What did you think of it? I saw it before I went to Tunisia and for the most part, loved it!

Okay, that's it. I could only come up with eight items today. I pretty sure this virus is affecting my brain.


  1. Sorry you're still not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Hunger Games, saw it, liked it, totally team Gale before and after the movie as he is way too easy on the eyes. Signed your Czech Mate :)

    1. Hello my globe-trotting friend! I am glad you saw the movie. But I am totally Team Peeta. But you are right, Gale is pretty easy on the eyes. :)

      Love to you!

  3. Sorry that you're still sick. :(

    Hunger Games---made me want to teach English again just so we could dissect it. (It inspires me kind of like Hamlet . . . just realized that . . . Hamlet is much better written, but the themes!! Oh, the themes!!! I could teach for a long time . . . )

    The movie was so well done. I think it helps to have the author be one of the screen writers (Did you hear that Rick Riordan?!?! No more Percy Jackson movies that you're not a part of.)

    I think I need to eat. I'm way to wound up about movies and books and authors . . . and did I really put Hunger Games and Hamlet in the same teachability category? Sigh.