Friday, April 27, 2012

News from the Orphanage

Last week, after many of you expressed an interest in giving a few dollars for a bink or two, I wrote to my colleague Freddie to tell her about your response. And let me tell you something: she was overwhelmed!

Here is an excerpt from her email:

"This is totally awesome. Thank you! Thank you! The prayers are sooo appreciated also.

Also, the money is super great. We have all these project ideas for the assistantes maternelles and babies but still need to raise funds for it. But God is providing in a great way. We also have people from a church in Texas (related to Kathy) who will donate uniforms for the nurses (you know, the beautiful, colorful ones) this summer. Also, we have a list of things needed and I am forwarding it to you. Just in case. Someone might ask. You never know. Blink!

(Items include: bath towels, wash cloths, bibs, sheets, baby bottles, baby spoons, bowls, cups, musical toys (without batteries), dishes for the nurses and a coffee machine.)

And, yes, I did cry while reading your blog!"

I asked Freddie for a picture that has been approved for publication by the orphanage and here is the one she sent:

Isn't he ADORABLE?! Seriously, I could just kiss his cheeks off!

This orphanage is beautiful and the babies are so clean and well-cared for. The Tunisian women who run these facilities are smart, competent and compassionate. The problem is that there are not enough people and resources for them to give these babies the kind of attention they need, including the arms to hold them. Freddie's passion is to do just that: love on these babies so they will develop properly.

I am 'this close' to quitting my day job and moving there to help her out. But I am so glad we are all on the same team. And so are you. The purpose of this blog is not meant as a fundraising tool, but I believe that we are called to give and God is glorified when we do! So if your heart is moved by these babies and the work going on in Tunisia, then by all means, get on this bandwagon!

Here's the info again:

1. Visit the IDEAS website at
2. Fill out the online giving form and in the "Notes" section, write "Herrera/baby"

I told Noah that I am going to take him with me on my next trip to Tunisia. He asked, "What will we do there, Sarah?"

And I said, "Well, we'll ride some camels and play with babies."

He grinned and thought that sounded like a great plan. And then he asked if he could fit his dad into his suitcase so he could come too.

No problem, kiddo.


  1. Oh my goodness, how could you not give to support such a little cutie and all his precious baby friends! My support is on the way and I would totally go with you to love on those little babies!!

  2. That pic is precious!!!!!