Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yesterday in Detail

Y'all. I am in the middle of those all-day meetings that happen twice a year at my office. We discuss everything from visas in Egypt to crashing servers and somehow manage to still like each other at the end of the day. It is a minor miracle, my friends. A minor miracle. And because I know you are dying to see what goes on in one of these meetings, I have typed it out for you in excruciating detail.

You're welcome.

6:30:  My alarm goes off and I resist the urge to throw it against the wall.

7:24:  Leave my apartment and try not to freeze to death in the frigid temperatures. Also, my soup leaks in my lunch bag. Major bummer.

7:44:  Arrive at work and take off several layers of clothes. Breathe. Sip some coffee and decide that I shouldn't even check email before the meetings begin because that would just make me cry.

8:00:  The meetings begin with devotions. We discuss 1 Thessalonians. Who knew that was such a great book?

9:15:  Coffee refill.

9:30:  I kick off the presentations of what went well and what didn't go well in my department for 2011. This quickly leads into a discussion of raising funds in a bad economy, in which I curl up in the fetal position and pray for fruitful year-end giving. Immediately following, my colleagues give their updates until lunch time.

12:00:  Eat my least the part that didn't spill into my lunch bag.

1:00:  Continue hearing updates from the regional directors who oversee a total of 13 countries. Some very important information was discussed here. I am almost certain we will have world peace by the end of this week.

2:30: Break. Eat a piece of chocolate cake made by my boss's wife. It was unbelievably delectable and I would like to request one every Tuesday.

2:45: The meeting resumes and this time we talk about our budget. There's nothing like a bunch of charts and numbers to make this liberal arts major want to take a nap. However, it was a very productive discussion.

5:30:  End meeting for the day and pile into a car to drive to dinner.

5:37:  Stuck in rush hour traffic on the highway.

5:42:  Stuck in rush hour traffic on the highway.

6:01:  Pull up to Maggiano's for dinner and gladly accept the free valet parking.

6:02:  Inhale all the wonderful smells of carbohydrates.

8:02:  Waddle out of Maggiano's.

8:43:  Drop by Claire and Carr's apartment to deliver a wedding gift from a friend and to sit on their new couch. It is a great couch. You should go sit on it too.

9:18:  Leave their apartment and try not to biff it in the parking lot.  Mission accomplished.

9:25:  Stop by my parent's house to pick up the list of campers my dad had given me on Sunday in which I left in my mom's car Sunday night. She and I have a cup of tea and we discuss the aforementioned meetings in which I realize that I am so tired I have become light headed. I sit there until it subsides and I realize that my alarm will go off in less than 8 hours.

10:27:  Leave the house and drive to my apartment.

10:37:  Arrive at my apartment and load the dishwasher, make coffee for the morning, pack my lunch, take a shower, check my email, do a crossword puzzle, turn on my heating pad and go to bed.

11:26. Fall asleep and pray that we have a snow day tomorrow.

And there you have it. Please take a nap for me.


  1. 11:28: receive frantic text message from sister asking you to call Mom because we both wonder where you are.

    So glad to see you! Carr and I love you. SO SO MUCH!!!

    - The Seester

  2. Holy smokes! That's quite a day! It stresses me out just reading it! Get some sleep, woman! And more chocolate cake. Definitely more chocolate cake. :-)

  3. I love reading your blog, it is a major highlight to my day :-) and yes, I will take a nap for you!

    From, a friend of Claire and acquaintance of yours who feels like she knows you like a best friend :-) Pam

  4. So whose chocolate cake was better? Boss's wife or Maggiano's? ;)

  5. Waddle is a very good adverb for how a person leaves Maggiano's. I love these little insights into your day. I think about you more than you know. And always look forward to checking in and reading a new blob entry. I'd love to have a blob. But it would look a lot like this: 1)Get kids ready for school. 2)Feed Luke. 3)Clean him up. 4)Chase him around. Repeat steps 2 through 4 ALL DAY LONG. I'm not sure that's the most exciting reading. So, I just look forward to checking in with you tomorrow....


  6. Wow. I didn't realize I had a name change there. Huh. Kinda gives you a little insight into how my night went. Would someone tell my 3 year-old night is for sleeping???? I'm not bitter or anything. :-S

  7. Becky - you definitely cannot have too much cake!

    Pam - your words are so sweet!! Thanks for dropping in. And I would say you and I are definitely friends.

    Shelley - oh, the boss's wife made the superior cake. By far!

    Kellie - I love your new name. And I am pretty su you need a nap more than I do!! I miss you tons,

  8. I know those days all too well. Can't wait to see you . . . TOMORROW!!!!!

  9. I need to start dropping by your office if there's going to be chocolate cake every Tuesday! :)

  10. Remember how all the ladies went genteely (yes, that is a word. Now.) up the stairs to politely nap, fanned by the little slave girls, before the ball in Gone With The Wind? (Except Scarlett of course who had to go find trouble to get into instead, ridiculous woman.) I'm neither particularly genteel nor consistently polite, but I love the idea of a group nap-over once a week, with intact soup and chocolate cake afterward - sans slave girls, charts or numbers. Who's in??