Monday, December 19, 2011

The Sixth Commandment

This past weekend, I spent almost every waking moment and all of my non-waking moments with Noah. There is nothing like a six year old to make you realize that you are not nearly as cool as you think you are. Reality bites the big one, my friends.

My mom, Noah and I took a weekend trip to Alamosa to hang out with my dad. We had a great time (more on that later) and it was nice to not have to make the entire trip in one day. On Sunday morning, as we were getting ready in our motel room, we decided to have an impromptu church service. Noah was jumping back and forth on both beds, having slept gloriously underneath my right hip while six of his most beloved stuffed animals slept under my left hip.

Restful it was not.

Anyway, we decided to start with the Bible verse that was meaning the most to us this week. My mom and I both chose something from Hebrews (thank you, BSF) and then it was Noah's turn.

Me: "Hey Noah, what is your favorite Bible verse this week?" He memorizes a new verse each week at his school.

Noah: While jumping on the bed, "You shall not murder. The sixth commandment."

Good gravy, kid.

Of all the verses in all the Bible, that was the one that popped out.Well, I'm glad that stuck with him. As we all know, the correctional system is not the coolest place to spend your time. I guess I am just glad he didn't say "Jesus wept."

And then he gave a rousing rendition of Joy to the World.

Impromptu church is the best.

He thinks so too.


  1. Oh my goodness that kid is hilarious!! Love it!!

  2. Oh my word, he looks like Calvin from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes in this picture. Love it!

  3. He is such a joy! :) Hope you caught up on some sleep my dear!